They ask for two, what if you write three?

So on essay questions if they ask to identify something like two psychological traps listed above and you put down three. Will they only consider the first two? What If I put one on top and two next to each other on an even level under that? Is it wrong? Anyone know what happens if you try to “over answer?”

2 will be marked , 3rd will be ignored , and you won’t even know which is the second one , cuz it could be random

Per Dave Hetherington at Stalla, they will only look at the first two and nothing more.

If they ask for 2, you give them 2. If you get creative and try to “hedge” your answers, I’m sure you’ll get punished.

what if I just regurgitate everything I know about the topic and fill up the entire page? do they give credit for regurgitation of immaterial information?

You have only 3 hours shun…

+1 for the use of ‘regurgitate’ in your post

contingent regurgitation immunization test taking strategy. as long as your answer is more long winded than the question its like the asset duration being more spread out than the liability duration to hedge risk.

I’ve been finding myself hedging… Esp for risk tolerance… “Despite the relative old age of jim and mary (which would indicate a lower risk tolerance), their large asset base relative to spending needs indicate an above average risk tol” Side question - whats the deal on abbreviating, using <>, up arrows and down arrows???

What scare me in these types if questions is if they ask for one reason, but the concept is really compound. For instance, “capital gain or loss” or “legal and regulatory.” Is that one or two? I just do my best and give the scorer what they need to pass me without ignoring the requirements of the question. I have noticed the Schweser answers to be very brief.