They complain about income inequality.....

yet they fork over $500 million plus over the weekend to the 0.1%…yes, I know some pennies go to “people.”

Are you mad that the new Star Wars movie is about a white chick and a black dude teaming up against a white man wielding a burning cross?

Sorry, don’t follow what you’re saying. I don’t have anything invested in the series. Is that what it is about? Was something else expected? All i know is that there was a huge transfer of money over the weekend. But the movie goers would rather have the experience than the money equal to their cost of admission, so it’s all good. Maybe they’ll demand that the government force a large portion of the proceeds to be returned.

Gosh darnit… SPOILER ALERT people. Why bother seeing it now

So you can see for yourself that Kylo Ren is really Darth Jar-Jar.

“Mee-sa think the Emperor NO forgive you like mee-sa.”

“Mee-sa think that Luke Skywalker mee-sa son!”

The big spoiler to me was how Jar Jar is revealed to have fathered Anakin. That mitochondrian explanation never made sense.

Lmao that would be fantastic. Good ole Jar Jar

LOL. That may be the best thing you’ve said on AF. Props.

I don’t understand this topic at all. First of all, who is “they” exactly? Also, you can’t complain about income inequality and go to the movies? Doesn’t seem like a mutually exclusive set here.

I was thinking the same thing. Nicely done Palantir.

The worst part was the female infantry stormtrooper. Made tthe movie 100% unbelieveable.

But wasn’t it an android? So, really just a voice?

Brienne of Tarth played her. Plus, the stormtrooper had boobs.

Edit: Doesn’t mean she’s not an android. Just sayin.

^Everybody worth a darn knows that stormtroopers are people. So is General Grievous.

I’m still curious to know how/why the stormtroopers changed from Boba Fett to a black dude. But then again, Boba Fett was 50 years ago.

Jango Fett, actually. But yeah, they moved on from clones to conscripts.

Then again, Boba is a clone of Jango, so scientifically, both are the same. Everyone wins. Also, who names a dreaded bounty hunter “Boba”? Same guy who comes up with Ewoks.

Oh snap, you just schooled Greenie on Star Wars.

^ That gif blows my mind. I want to know what happened.

And yeah, I’m a big fan of Star Wars nerd.