They should at least lose their scholarship retroactively...

if they skip a bowl game. Just a token, but they are already paid to play with tuition, room, and board. No?

this about the stanford kid? yea i agree it is pretty lame for the fans but if you force him to play and he blows a knee id imagine he might sue the school. Stanford is in a joke bowl anyway, id imagine if they were playing in the Rose bowl or the playoff he would play

Why do you care? Shouldn’t you be lecturing people at the mall on the benefits of CO2?

The amount of money college football players (especially star ones, in this case) generate for the school far, far outweigh the money they “save” from said scholarship. It’s probably not even in the same stratosphere, honestly.

^Oh, I figure most already know CO2 is essential for all life on earth and we have been hovering at dangerously low levels for years.

Is the amount of compensation relevant? They signed a contract.

I suppose you could treat your student athletes like monkeys, but youd be hard pressed to recruit talent and field a competitive team if you did stuff like that

Yes, long story short - it’s not worth it. Some student will write an article about how the football program is an evil profit sucker, and ticket sales alone will wipe out all clawbacked scholarships. Plus, it ignores all the other games the guy played.

Of course it’s relevant. You are the one who brought up the scholarship to tie value into it.

From everything I’ve read the coach and his teammates support him. “Free room and board”… lmao. The bowl system is nothing more than a joke of a money grab. Teams become bowl eligible once they win 6 games. There have been seasons where some teams have declined bids and they’ve taken schools at 5-7. Glorified exhibition vs. multi-millions of potential earnings on the line in these kid’s knees and shoulders, etc.

I think the latest by the pundits is the marketability of the bowl games will greatly diminish in the future if the stars don’t show up.

Oh no not the precious Allstate Diet Dr Pepper Dr Scholls Cranberry Bowl! Featuring the 9th best team in one conference vs the 8th best team in another that got half their wins by scheduling FCS schools! Don’t hurt the marketability of bowl games that get played on a Wednesday afternoon at 3pm!!!

More generally, the discussion is whether it becomes wide spread in the future and if it were to happen on a championship team. I would think a condition of your athletic scholarship is to play.

Don’t the collegiate players who are likely to get drafted usually get an insurance policy during their last season/last few games to protect themselves in case of injury?

I doubt that this will lead to an epidemic of star players skipping bowl games. Those guys generally want to play in the games for the prestige and such.

+1. The fact that he has been injured this year, wants to hopefully get drafted in the 1st or 2nd round of the draft, and his team is playing UNC in a unimportant bowl are all factored in to this decision.

Usually these guys want to play to hopefully improve draft stock, he must be worried about his tumbling due to a silly injury in an unimportant game.

Good question.

Last year, Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith was expected to be a top-10 NFL draft pick — until about halfway through the first quarter of the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State. Smith suffered a gruesome knee injury, tearing both his ACL and LCL.

The injury greatly affected his draft stock. Instead of having his name called within the first hour of the NFL Draft, he fell to the second day, and was taken at No. 34 overall by the Dallas Cowboys.

Smith ended up signing a four-year deal with the Cowboys, one with a $2.9 million signing bonus that is worth roughly $6.1 million. It’s still a solid amount of money, but had he been taken, say, third, his contract in total would be close to $26 million, per Pro Football Talk. Smith was fortunate enough to get insurance money, which will pay $900,000. All in all, this money is nowhere near what he would’ve made if he would’ve sat out of the Fiesta Bowl.


Teams should be required to carry minimum insurance policies against career damaging injuries for all starters at the least. But yeah, students are definitely entitled not to play and damaging player - school relations by showing you don’t work with their career choice decisions will only hurt recruiting. Consider the fact that major schools in the SEC like Florida, LSU and Alabama net more than $40M to the school after expenses (and ignoring second order enrollment and prestige impacts) and I don’t think it’s worth throwing a tantrum.