They wouldn't let me take the test!!!

I got there at 1:45. On the proctor’s clock it was 1:48. And they wouldn’t let me sit for the exam. I am beside myself. Absolutely no flexbility. I put in so much time for this thing and because I’m taking the CFA in June, I’ll have to wait a year to take this again. Which means that I’ll have to re-study everything. What a joke!

Are you from singapore exam center?

i’m sorry to hear that. it is a joke! however think about taking it in May, it’s not a whole lot of money and you would only need to revise abit…

San Francisco

I am so sorry to hear that. Did you aggravate the proctor? Given that there is always some movement in an exam room even during the exam, letting someone in before the test, even that close to the start is no big deal surely? I think it is worth writing to GARP and complaining about it. The last thing candidates and GARP need is some reactionary like that as a proctor. Nerves are shredded enough without adding to it.