Things better than the Elan website

  1. Patent troll lawsuits

  2. Acute mountain sickness

  3. Discovering your spouse is cheating on you

  4. Spilling coffee on your new tie

  5. Spirit air’s baggage fee policy

  6. Waiting for CFA exam results

  7. Taliban

  8. Peter Olinto videos times negative one

  9. Jeff Wilpon

  10. Getting fired

Haha i dont find it so bad, what issues are you having with it? Arent they redoing it shortly?

Will you be watching the final episodes of breaking bad before or after the exam?


I dont want breaking bad to ever end !!!

Wait is it the final season? Shiiiiit, I haven’t been watching this season until its done. Then its marathon time.

Talking of TV shows, Game of Thrones 3rd season airs on 3/31 and ends on 6/2. How fvcking convenient.

I love Breaking Bad, but dragons > drug deals.

They need to hire a new site designer. It gets an ‘F’ as far as design goes. Takes all sorts of clicking around to find different things. The ‘dashboard’ isn’t a dashboard at all.

I like what they have to offer though. Just a poorly executed delivery.

when is breaking bad beginning and ending? I think game of thrones will stay on demand until after the test so not worried about that. I will need to manage what I can watch on demand and what capacity my DVR is at very closely over the next couple months. The gf recording snooki & jwow will not help.

breaking bad’s 2nd half of the final season premieres in late june early july…as for game of thrones ill be watching all 10 episodes back2back after the exam :smiley:

also the walking dead season premiere is this sunday :smiley: finale is on 31st march

I’ve nearly thrown my PC out the window trying to navigate that fckn site. Hate it. I’ve got my own directions now though so I know the combination of button clicks required to get to where I want to go.

View my original rant here:

I actually complained to Elan about the site a month or so ago. They are apparently in the process of overhauling it so should be something new this month based on what they said.

I’ve watched up to Series 3 of BB. Love that show. I can’t get back into it now though with everything going on. I marathon watched the first 3 series and basically didn’t talk to my wife for 2 weeks.

It is just unbelievable. I click on an item, and it asks me to sign in. I sign in and the item is no longer showing. I have called, emailed multiple times, threatening to give them my money but they dont seem to want it.

I am definitely going to watch BB leading up to the exam. I am going to be studying a lot, but come on guys, we have to enjoy ourselves during the process. I will probably watch my favorite three or four shows, I will still play with my kids, I will still bang my wife, I will still read about baseball…

Had the same issue. Turned out that when I created my account it was for a 2012 exam, which has since expired. Just create a new account and select a 2013 program.

Same here. I have 2 account names. It’s just crazy that they didn’t factor in that people might move on to the next level at some point…

I always just go to the site, login, hit dashboard and then my products and then go from there, def a few unneccessary steps but it doesnt take TOO long…