things to carry on exam day

just thought to make a list of things to carry on exam day… to make sure we dont miss anything important in the anxiety of exam:

passport, exam ticket, pencil, eraser, sharpner, calculator, extra battery

sandwitch for lunch break

anything else?

anyone visited their exam centre yet…

are we allowed to leave the test center between the break? I was just wondering because I’ve heard its best to bring a lunch but I was planning on eating at a place near the test center.

yes we are allowed to leave …

my test centre dont have any canteen or place to eat nearby so i have to carry lunch… further i dont want to drive away from test centre because i think we will get 20-30 min hardly and if we stuck in rush getting back intime will be difficult…

during the break i would rather find a quiet corner for myslef, eat my lunch, have my drink, rest for ten minutes, pray, look at any formula i forgot, go to washroom and back inside

This might help.

i dont have two calculators… but i will carry an extra battery just in case…

Ear plugs, might come in handy if you sit beside someone who is making irritating noises such as wheezing or something.

Hmmm…are there usually clocks around to check time while testing? Or should I go out and buy a watch?

There will definitely be a clock. As well as a proctor going “You now…have…15…minutes…remaining…”

But a watch helps me. If you don’t want to bring one it’s probably not a big deal

thanks usj2 !

Definitely buy a cheap analog wristwatch, one where you can take it off and lay it flat on the desk.

You are allowed to leave, but it might be a good idea to bring a lunch anyway. There might not be anywhere to buy a lunch, also you might be a little bit stressed for time and don’t want to stand in any line or queue.

If you have a place in mind to go, and you get there quick before everyone else, no problem.

can we use the mechanical #2 pencils or do we have to have the old fashioned ones?

Better to stick with wooden + sharpener. Some test centres allow mechanicals but it’s not certain.

stay with wood

I’d better go and get some them :slight_smile: I haven’t used those wooden ones since kindergaten - thanks!

are we allowed to bring 2 calculators or is it better to bring a spare battery? I haven’t used mine a ton so it should last but i think its probably best to bring a spare calculator/battery just in case.

yes you may bring multiple calculators, people will look at you like you’re insanely insecure with issues, but yes, you may

i feel an extra battery or an extra calculator is a must … although small chance but if it happen it will ruin all the months hardwork… such a high risk obviously not recommended…

mechanical pencils way better than wood…why would you waste the time sharpening…