Things to do in Athens

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Ladies/gents I will be in Athens for a week. Not sure i’ll make it to an island. Wanted to know what there is to do in Athens for the weekend from the perspective of tourism, restaurants, nightlife, etc. I usually want to experience inner cities in countries I visit but given recent occurences in Greece, i’d rather not end up in a situation where i have to prove i’m a legal immigrant. So bearing this in mind, please let me know what you’d recommend.

Riot with the locals.

^ I believe what Iteracom is trying to say is rather than ‘enjoy yourself’ you should hacksaw your sack for even thinking of venturing outside of Midtown NYC.

Go visit the restaurant “Smile”. I was in Athens a few months back and ended up going there very often – the restaurant owners are very nice and welcoming, free wifi, and they give you legit advice on anything you want to know. I’m still facebook friends with the daughter, she is a sweetheart.

Have you been to Athens before? If not, there is plenty of cultural/historical stuff to do if you are into that kind of thing. I paid a cabbie roughly $100 to drive me around the entire city and give me highlights that I couldn’t walk to. Smart phones are def. your friend.

You took the words from my keyboard.

I’d like to add that I was there during a lot of “riots” and I was perfectly fine – they were very welcoming, as tourism is an important industry. But things have gotten amplified since then I think – but it is not like you are visiting Egypt.

Don’t go, Athens is a shithole. Greece is not a real country. Change your ticket and go to Istanbul or Barcelona instead.

Source: Been to Athens twice and traveled all around Greece.

^ Barcelona is amazing. +1

I enjoyed athens but liked the island’s better (corfu was a good time). I would go to sparta and find yourself a woman - they are second to none imho.

Thanks for the advice. Will check out smile. If you guys come up with anything else, I’d greatly appreciate it.