Things you are looking forward to

Other than spending time with family, getting drunk, partying. College football ~ Go Buckeyes!!! I was just youtubing the 2003 National championship game, I don’t watch the last two years games for obvious reasons… What about you, what you looking forward to?

Guess no one is looking forward to anything. Seriously though, I been trying not to give it any thought. Looking ahead will set me behind. One thing I am looking forward to is my hour drive home from work at night knowing there isn’t a mountain of books and 3 to 4 more hours to go.

Playing some golf… and lots of it!

I’m heading to Bali on the 11th of June. Can’t wait.

pimp…do you still have your job? Thought I saw something from you a while back that your firm was cutting people and you were hoping to be one of them

Okay guys… I’m outta here for the night… Bali? Sweet!!!


I was just watching the food channel, Mmmmmm Tacos. I pledge to myself that tomorrow I will stop studying at 4 and make Tacos for dinner…

Big B - Yes, still have my job. Wouldn’t mind a nice fat severance. I have other options that I could easily pursue.

We had lots of cuts last week… It is an odd experience