third party Mock exam recommended

Hi all,

I want to get additional Mocks to practice besides CFAI mock and Mark Meldrum one.

I am considering Konvexity or Schweser.

Schweser has practice exam and mock exam. Not sure which one is better.

Konvexity is cheap , but someone saids the wording is lengenthy. Not sure it is closed to CFAI mock

Any suggestion in terms of quality ?

Feel fee to recommend other provider if the quality is good.


Konv is good, especially their PMs. Their AM is okay. Their wording is not long. Their vignettes are actually quite short. Their PM paper is 21-23 pages long while the CFAI and other mocks are usually 35+ pages.

Schweser PMs are good but AMs arent.

Totally agree with 125 re: Schweser - the AMs are terrible.

I agree. I’ve been wondering that how is it possible that a 3rd party provider such as Schweser, that has been around for years, can have such low quality material? The AM sections are a case in point. I had to stop doing them because I think they teach you bad habits.

One could assume that after years of writing mocks, they would perfect their material to a point where it’s almost comparable to CFAI’s own material.

Schweser AM mocks are garbage. I can’t believe they are actually one of the leading 3rd party study material providers.

I highly recommend Mark Meldrum’s mocks.