Third Party Mocks- which ones are the best

Which one is the best?

What are your views on?







I’ve been very happy with MM mocks. They’re difficult and very CFAI mock-like.

schweser essays are intentionally vague which makes them harder then past CFAI exams. idk if thats good or bad. the guideline answers are also not an exaustive list of full credit answers

I’ve done MM and Konvexity, I posted a quick review of the kon mocks a few days ago but overall I’d say MM are the better of the two.

For AM practice theres only two good sources: MM (4 tests) and Kaplan Live Mock (2 tests)

For PM practice: MM (4) Konvexity (3) and Kaplan Live Mock (2) and Kaplan Volume Offline Mocks (4)