Third Party Provider Video Lectures

Hi all,

Apologies if there are previous posts on this but I can’t see a thorough discussion on it on here. I’m not getting through the materials as fast as I would like and I find myself using YouTube videos to understand things more than the textbook (I bought the Wiley books, looking back I should have bought the Schweser ones it seems)

Basically I’m looking to buy a third party provider set of video lectures. I used an IFT one from 2015 last night for probability and it was very good.

Wondering if anyone is currently using this and if they would recommend?

As far as I can see Wiley do there own and IFT are another provider. I can’t see if Schweser do this? (correct me if I’m wrong). From the little there is on the internet, Wiley seems the best option. They are all around the same price, can anyone vouch for a certain provider?


Hey, I bought Kaplan’s books and help myself with Mark Meldrum videos .

Mark Meldrum is a certified CFA preparation provider and he is really good! You can watch, for free, some of his videos in YouTube and buy more videos from ha page.

Let me me know if that helped you :slight_smile:

I referred ift videos to clear CFA level 1