Third Timers?

So I almost passed my first time around and then this year I actually was in a lower band after being confident I passed. I was scoring 80+ % in the QBank and for the CFA Mock Exam. My goal is to focus mostly on problems. If you’re someone who wasted a lot of time reading too much on the concepts like I did the last few times and not operationalizing enough, best of luck! We will kill it this time around.

CFAMetal Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- and not > operationalizing enough I like that word, operationalizing

I really think that you are only here to make useless comments…what did you in fact add to the point of CFAMetal…? Did you understand what’s his point and what does he expects when he posts that here in AF? …add something “real”…you’re so “nominal”…

CFA metal I think your point is CLEAR …u want to say practising is the key to passing … Good advice …

tigas Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > …add something “real”…you’re so “nominal”… oh yeah, well, your “interest rate” make my “free cash flow” effective

dude…you’re completely offside…i recommend you to take the pills every single day…don’t risk at all…we really need you here and I care about you. start helping people here…I’ve already started…take the pills “bro”