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Hej to One’s who already passed CFA L1 I have just registered for the CFA L1 exam june2009. I really dont know how should i start for it? which study material is proper? Should i keep only on Schewser ( study notes and Qbank ) or that is not enough and other supplements are required too? What should i do and which study strategy should i take in Ethics part… in Financial statements analysis … and economic part…? Many thanks for any help and advise

You should study the CFA manuals up to Dec. and study Shweser jan to Feb. and practice shewers question books and do on line exams. if you have 2 full months of practice you have a chance to pass. I passed at my third attempt though. CFA is not an easy exam you need to really understand what they are asking for before you answer a question. Participate on the blog alot you get alot of tips from people

I skipped all CFAI materials… Go Schweser or Stalla all the way… Get the video’s, they will save you time… Plan to study 300+ hours… Make Q Cards (yes, exactly like a nerdy girl)…

Also, do tons of Questions. And take 1 week off 1.5 months before the exam for total review of all the material, as well as 2 weeks off right before the exam… Do a 3 hour test everyday, an a 3 hour review of your mistakes every day during those last 2 weeks. Btw, the Stalla trick on getting out of work is to fake a cold… Just do it, if your employer dosent let you take time off, you can find a better job once you got your Seafah…

does stalla actually tell you to try that trick?? i hope so, that would be great.

Advise =/= Advice

Thanks guys for all the advice

revision is the secret ingredient… doesn’t matter if u follow schweser/CFAi. I personally followed Schweser and i’m glad i did