"Thirty-Five Percent Of British Adults Still Sleep With A Teddy Bear"

“Thirty-five percent of adults in Britain admitted they sleep with a teddy bear to de-stress, according to a survey of 6,000 Britons by hotel chain Travelodge, UPI reports.”


Is this true? So 1/3 of British people pack teddy bears in their suitcases when they travel? Further proof that typical British life is a close copy of “Mr. Bean”.

I kept a teddy bear that a girlfriend gave to me, but the main reason I kept it was that we were long-distance and it reminded me of her (and she would be upset if she came and didn’t see it somewhere).

Whispering secrets to a teddy bear seems odd to me. But maybe it suggests a nefarious product: a network connected teddy bear that can record sound and send secrets to a third party.

But, more likely, blow-up dolls that do it would sell better.

I sleep with one of these. I find it much more comforting than a teddy bear. (NSFW)


Wow, that is so wrong. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. WOW!

My main question is how do you explain that thing when visitors discover it in your house? Like if your parents visit and find it under your bed. Or if Transfer brings a girl home and it falls out of the closet.

Actually, in light of these concerns, I would probably have great respect for the guy who can bring himself to press the “Confirm Order” button on the website where you order this.

I love the name and description.

My wife always slept with a teddy when I first met her. It was this teddy that she’s had since she was 1 years old or something. It was vile, had lost an eye, it’s fur was all hard and manky from never being washed. I made her put it away but she always pulled it out if she went to bed without me (if I was out late or away for the weekend). She’s Australian, but her dad is English, so might be a weird British thing.

Thanks for the link Tikka. Perfect if you’re a “Legs & Ass” man and see no benefit in the rest. Who buys that shit, seriously? I can see the market being there as a “bachelor party joke” or something, but do guys actually get off using these kinds of things?

Yeah, I’m kinda into prawns (chuck the head, keep the body) so this makes a lot of sense.

It costs about 600 US $, so definitely not a novelty item for bachelor parties.

I heard about this thing thanks to this hilarious YouTube clip of comedian Charlie Brooker. This guy is fantastic. Check out his Kony thing too.


there was a great episode of Arrested Development too many years ago where Justin Bateman was dating a mentally challenged British woman (played by Charlize Theron) and they were going to spend the night in a hotel, she asked if she could bring her “tiny teddy”, and showed up with a teddy bear