This decade belonged to China. So will the next one.

The 20s begin, and the century of Asia continues. For some reason Western fake news decided to publish a rare story in which every point made is actually reflective of reality.

Of course, UK media will follow this rare moment of honesty up with hundreds propaganda stories designed to stir up civil war in CN (via their colony of HK), in a desperate attempt to stop the natural process of global change.

This decade belonged to China. So will the next one.

Do they allow a second child yet? What about baby girls? Is i possible to get laid there? What about the part of country inland about 50 miles still living in backwater huts, your national deficit, inflation, pollution, food safety, and other life style factors is still sad.

Making any of your own technology yet or are you still stealing it?

The free democratic world still blows your GDP/capita (the true measure of prosperity) out of the water.

Fake News lolol. Only in China and Donald Trumps mind and tweets.

do they have toilets yet than can self flush?

Probably won’t be if China has its way…

China is not that different from the US. Just add 1B tenant farmers.

What terrifies Trump et al nationalism, is that they are helpless to stop change.

China is better in nearly every way–smarter, more educated, harder working, more communally unified, healthier, 4x bigger population, etc.

Aggressive activities to hold back what’s coming (vs China, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, Hong Kong, etc) just economically exhausts the empire, and speeds their fall. Betraying their own claimed values (democracy, free markets, free speech, etc) in order to “win” just speeds their fall. Wiser to accept change, but their cult/mythology of “American Exceptionalism” psychologically can’t handle that.

Seems to me that China will get old before it gets rich. But we will see

i think we can beat the chinese we just need to focus on the future as oppose to subsdizing the past.

For me the biggest sign that China is a runner up on the world stage is the fact that non of us are wasting our time on Chinese message boards blabbering about being number one or whatever.

They can’t; Americans only speak American.

That’s exactly the point. If you’re a superpower the world learns your language. Tank.

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They were, as was Spain. So you know what happened? The world learned their languages (including America who was a colony although formed by Brits so no learning involved). But then as you pointed out, times changed and today my good friend CSI300 called the English language American. That’s how being a superpower works. Not being so beta you learn another country’s language to plea for legitimacy.

I’d say someday you’ll get it, but lets be real, they had a few thousand year head start and still can’t grasp the concept of per capita GDP.

Well I mean I’m not serious, I think the whole thing about owning a time period (premise of thread) is ridiculous and pointless in a world where people just live their lives contently. But if we’re going to debate it, lets be honest those are valid points about how things work. Personally, I agree that the US hanging on to some idea of a ranking or whatever is counterproductive. The UK was content to regress in line with the population and retain comfort and they seem pretty happy as does Europe. It’s the hanging on too long to a bygone era that makes things a mess. But if people are going to troll, I’m going to mess with them, I don’t think a bot like CSI300 knows how to be flippant. You yes, it no.

Need to start posting this song on every thread that OP starts:




its actually quite interesting what happened to those 2 empries. they both failed cuz they got destroyed militarily and couldnt support them financially.

the spanish empire was literally destroyed because of napoleon. 1 because napoleon conquered their main country and made his brotehr the king of spain which caused all teh colonies to revolt. and 2 because the nationalistic ideals that gave rise to napoleon also contradicted monarchic rule which lead to the liberalization of countries by that bolivar dude. he is a pretty interesting read.

the british empire downfall was post world wars. culminating when hitler destroyed them. they could not maintain their colonies cuz they were dead broke after and couldnt keep their colonists in check. coincidentally when the us left them during the revolutionary war, it was cuz both france and spain wanted to stick it to the britain. which hilariously caused the french revoltion/napoleon and the subsequent fall of the spanish empire.

Best was Fergie, players straight up trying not to laugh at 1:40.


Youtube comments:

“The only thing missing is a wine glass”

“She’s like that one drunk aunt”

“How is she singing in cursive”

“When she hits the high note she sounds like she’s getting tased”

Lee Kuan Yew, the old Singapore PM and Nery’s man crush, used to make this point a lot. He thought a lot of SG’s success came from accepting English as main language. This made doing business internationally easier, and it made SG a comfortable place for talented people to come from around the world and start their business or practice their crafts. China won’t get there on this, they are too proud of their language and pictographs, too confident that with a billion people they have everything they need, too determined to reinvent the wheel, etc.

This is only an issue if the world was ending. China has to deal with demographic time bomb which will slow growth, but then 50 years from now will be a much younger country once again booming.