This dude needs Black Swan to show him how it's done

LMAO, start to finish A+.

States with the worst roads based on % in poor/mediocre condition, as reported in The Fiscal Times:

Illinois (73%)

Connecticut (73%)

Wisconsin (71%)

Colorado (70%)

Oklahoma (70%)

Rhode Island (70%)

California (68%)

Washington (67%)

New Jersey (66%)

Oregon (65%)

Interesting that you call them circles. The area I’m from is the only part of Scotland that calls them circles and the rest of the country seem to find it hilarious. But really, roundabout is a far more ridiculous word than circle.

They do that in a lot of Europe apparently. and they find it hilarious that Brits would sit politely at a red light in the middle a night without any other cars around.

I haven’t run a red light since I was 17 when we used to do it without looking for shits and giggles. It was a nice break from drinking cider in parks in sideways rain.

That map in Mario Kart finally makes sense

Roundabouts are annoying, but apparently they are better for traffic flow and for the environment because there’s less idle emissions from waiting at lights. I believe there was a NY/NJ town that tried to quantify this effect.

^ This is true.

Roundabouts with no traffic lights > Roundabouts with traffic lights > Traffic lights

It’s a woman that used to like other women and now likes fishing.

I’ve seen research that suggests that at least for medium traffic areas, roundabouts tend to be more efficient than traffic lights in terms of flow of traffic vs number of vehicles. I’m not sure if that holds up if you start having a large number of trucks with more than two axels.

Turnpikes are primarily an east coast phenomenon, and possibly in the south too. Out west there are freeways.

Around 1800, turnpikes used to be privately constructed highways that collected tolls. There was a gate (often with pikes to dissuade horses) and upon paying the toll, the gate was opened or turned to let the vehicle pass. Over time, the term came to be used for any toll highway, whether privately or publicly constructed.

Out West, toll highways are nearly unheard of, though - interestingly - they tend to use the term “Freeway”, which implicitly recognizes that highways might not always be free.

208 mph at night, in a modded mustang… wish they had some pics of the car.

Wait…what’s the difference between a turnpike and a freeway? I thought they were the same thing.

In order to be fair, here in the great state of Texas, we don’t call anything a “turnpike”. Everything is called a “freeway”.

On a side note (pun intended), what do you call the little roads that run alongside the freeway (or turnpike)? I call them “frontage roads”. People from Houston call them “feeders”.

Turnpike is a toll road. So the exits are usually further apart and all monitored with some form of toll device and likely camera.

In Texas they’re apparently called “tollways” or just “toll” as in “SH 45 Toll.” Source -

Frontage roads is correct.

On a very side note, I was in the Carolinas a little while ago and talking BBQ with a guy. He didn’t know where I was from and kept going on and on about how good vinegar based BBQ is…then he called “midwestern” BBQ “ketchup” based. Needless to say, he didn’t keep his spleen.

This might help:

Why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways?

And why is it rush hour if everyone is going slow.

Where I’m from the wee roads leading up to the freeway are called slip roads

but then, we call freeways ‘dual carriageways’ so what the fuck do I know

One of my calculus students has driven a pickup truck at Bonneville Salt Flats at 228 mph. It was detuned from 1,500 hp to 1,000 hp for her to drive it. She said that at 1,500 hp it’s gone 270 mph.

Apparently between about 220 mph and 225 mph the truck hits an unstable resonance frequency, so it’s pretty easy to go belly up if you’re not careful.

A friend of hers rolled her car at Bonneville doing slightly over 200 mph. On her fire suit she has had “200” embroidered for every time she’s passed that threshold. The one for that run is embroidered upside down.

Still smashing watermelons?