This dude needs Black Swan to show him how it's done

Cliff Notes Version: Dude gets clocked at 84 MPH in his “heavily modified 2011 Ford Mustang” and tries to run. He’s clocked as high as 208 MPH during the chase and still gets caught.

he kinda looks like BS

WTF is Canadian County, OK?!?! Do we need to build a wall on the northern border too??

I wish I had that much hair.

Those era mustangs can be fast with a supercharger. I’ve seen articles on people getting them to 1,200 hp with Kenne Bell setups. That being said, I really question the radar readings, especially when it’s being measured from a pursuing vehicle. The guy’s mistakes were definitely 1) being on a turnpike 2) not simply playing dumb when pulled over at a stop light later after he lost his pursuit (he dropped the keys out of the window before the officer even approached) and 3) being on a turnpike (I know I said that twice).

whats a turnpike?

Oklahoma is nowhere near the border. Like the lizard people or vampire-werewolves, Canadians have burrowed deep into the fabric of American society. No one is safe.

Where are you from? In the US, they are usually separate highways managed with tolls. This usually means relatively long stretches between exits, cameras and tolls tracking on and off ramp activity and limited flexibility. You’re doomed from the start.

I think it is some kind of public area where NJ residents spend 83% of their waking hours.

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Canada…true north strong and free (of turnpikes)

They started putting them in subdivisions north of Toronto. Confusing as hell.

Do you go, is it me? oh you go first. Sorry. Sorry! Sorry I’m going now.

That’s not a turnpike. Turnpike is a highway, I think you’re referring to a roundabout.


Never understood why there are no roundabouts in some places, North American’s must just love waiting at traffic lights.

Spent a few weeks in Oxford and Edinburgh this past summer and it seemed like at least 1/3 of the roundabouts also had traffic lights, so worst of both worlds.

My area used to have a fair number of roundabouts (we called them circles) but most of them got phased out because yield is a meaningless concept around here. I actually liked them, as they are more efficient than lights most of the time, but they were far less complicated than the ones in the UK (i.e. they had one, maybe two, lanes, not four like some of the ones you have over there).

every intersection can be a roundabout if you try hard enough

In Minnesota roundabouts seem to be used only to slow down people on what should be an uncontrolled intersection. Foreigners keep saying roundabouts are so great because you don’t have to wait at red lights. I generally just drive through red lights if there isn’t a car coming. I’ve never gotten ticketed, and only been pulled over for it once. My “I’m an adult who could see there were no cars coming” defense had the cop cracking up. He asked me if I was sure that was what I wanted to go with and I doubled down on it, told him I do it all the time, I encourage other people to do it, and that he should give it a try because it feels great.

Perhaps that’s more of a white privilege story, but there you go.

^ That works when you live in an area that doesn’t even make the list of most people per square mile, not so much when you live in the northeast corridor.

Do roundabouts really save time, or do they just cause the illusion of movement, since you don’t have to stop the car? You have to slow down anyway at the roundabout, plus spend time driving in the circle. Plus, roundabouts use more space than normal intersections - space that could be used for a Walgreens, or Delta gas station if you live in NJ.

When I was in NJ, I just assumed roundabouts naturally developed around large potholes.

Worst highway conditions I’ve seen, I had an Acura with low profile rims and because traffic is so heavy you’d never see the potholes they’d just pop out from under the car ahead of you and with those rims the windshield would actually rattle sometimes from the hit. I bought probably four or five rims over a two year period because of dents before selling the car. Would never own low profile tires there again.