This forum is unrecognisable!

I spent a lot of time here as a semi-lurker in the run-up to the exam. I was always in awe of the regulars who seemed to have a grip on everything and were certain to pass. I have come back here tonight expecting to read the same people’s comments. Instead, the forum has been taken over by hundreds of people I never heard a sound from in the last six months all going: i.) Boo hoo i’ve failed… ii.) It’s not fair, they didn’t ask me the things I knew… iii.) I hate the CFAI. It’s not fair and i’m going to cry… etc etc Where have all the winners gone? For the record, I killed it and have passed. You can all point and laugh in August if i’m wrong.

you sound a bit harsh. congrats on doing well though. you should understand if people are pissed about their performance

i agree with mandelbrot (note that i am a lurker.) lots of people blaming CFAI for not being fair to them, when in fact this was a very beatable exam. i will marginally pass or marginally fail. but if i had studied more effectively and perhaps a little more, definitely would have passed.

Why don’t we just point and laugh now?

If Level 3 morning session next year is anything like Saturday’s then you will really have something to coplain about

I do agree it does feel very foreign to me right now. Not like home at all, it’s why I haven’t posted much. That, and I’m both jealous of you, and sorry to dissapoint, but I’m putting a majority probability on fail for myself at this point, and I know Dinesh and Nibs are feeling pretty 50-50 at this point as well. So I guess we’re in our respective pre-announcement “quiet periods” until the big day approaches. At that point, let the chips fall where they will. Again Mandlebrot, I’m sorry I couldn’t come back here celebrating, I’m a little dissapointed with my performance, so it’s just wait and see at this point. Congratulations though, good to hear you made AF proud on D-DAY, represent.

I’m definitely borderline. If I don’t pass this time around, I’m skipping the schweser material since I should have a pretty good base, and making sure I know every tiny detail next time around.

I’m a semi-lurker anyway, work has been busy for the past few months and that takes priority over everything since it pays the bills. Anyway, all these new faces are helping to tackle the questionable answers we all have, which is both a good and bad thing…wow, I never was this borderline in my life.

Not for anything but that was a pretty messed up post. I am a semi-lurker and you know what I put in over 300 hours for the exam - and I am not sure how I did - but I am not going to cry over it. Maybe I’ll pass / maybe I won’t - who knows. BUT I don’t wish anyone to fail and its pretty normal for people to be upset with such a large time commitment to this. Uncalled for.

ValueAddict, I can see where he’s coming from, not that you’re wrong for being sensitive about the whole thing, but in this case, I really appreciate Mandlebrat’s perspective, some people need to man up a little, study or not, it’ll be a hard pill to swallow when I fail, but I’ll pick myself up brush off the scrapes, and keep on slugging, I think it’s a little easier for me because I’m a more used to failing at life in general, but who knows.

Its all about venting now. I mean honestly, who else knows what its like to go through this blender then people on this forum. The truth is that failing has a stigma, no matter how hard it is and when other people cant understand the level of difficulty they tend to look at the result as a indicator of intellegence. I think everyone just wants to be understood. F’ing eh, i’m getting to sentimental, i need to go slap around my mistress…

stigma, shmigma, i just don’t want to have to put in this sort of effort again because it’s just a huge chunk of life that is lost. i like the stuff i’m learning, but i’d rather just learn this once. after a day or 2, i think i’m going to be really close but i’m going to be optimistic and lean pass for me. while i botched some dumb stuff (the 2 BOP econ q’s), i think i got the rest of the item set. i think i went 3/6 on quant and who knows PM, maybe 2/6. but i SOOOOK at FI and i want to say i went 10/12. derivs i think i did ok on also. so let’s say this all puts me about flat. it comes down to equity, FSA, and ethics. while i know i made some dumb mistakes like HOW ON EARTH DID I NOT SUBTRACT INTEREST IN THE FIRST EASY RI QUESTION… god i want that q back, i think i pushed myself to get ones like the normalized 2.12 whatever answer or the herfindahl one when at first i didn’t love the q. so who knows, it’s kind of pointless to fight and we’ll just all wait it out, but if pass rate is anything in the mid to high 60’s, i’d say i have a good fighting chance. if i failed, i’d mostly blame me. i studied almost exclusively schweser and i thought they did a good job. this test gets you because it tests some weird stuff. only the people that have put in SERIOUS hours really get those points. for everyone else, when you get thrown some merger stuff that you hadn’t looked at in a while with numbers, you just do what you can to make it make sense. was it enough? we’ll see, but on test day i seriously think i did not give up at all, fought for points, went back and reviewed stuff for the last 30 minutes instead of walking out or sitting there, and generally poured everything i had out. was it enough? we will see. if i fail, it’ll be my 11th year college reunion week before the test or test day so i’ll be fine, won’t have to go, should be a lock at whatever level i’m sitting for.

i’ve become a lurker… lol. i’m not sure if i subracted interest or not on an ri qustion… i’m thinking i didn’t. crap… before i read that line, i was going to say that is exactly how i feel

cfasf1- we get the same score on every practice test we’ve ever taken, L1 and L2 so we are both going to pass or fail together. i say pass.

agreed, bannis… i always pull for you because our scores move in tandem. (selfish selfish, i know) i felt really bad right after the test, but i’m thinking we have a shot.

how could you not feel badly after the PM cherry to top off the larger PM sundae? it sucked. can i count up over 20 q’s wrong on this forum for me? yep. 30? probably close. 40 though? i dunno, maybe. there were a few i thought i nailed until i read AF afterwards. but i’m sure that the masses of people taking this test probably fell for similar “trap” answers. i’m staying positive. if i pass, my scoresheet is going to be like 1 or 2 over 70%'s and a whole lot of 50-70%'s. PM probably under 50%, but can’t remember what i guessed on all of the yes/no’s. it might come down to ethics and i was coin tossing a bunch. TAILS NEVER FAILS.

i was on AF alot last time around pre exam but this year, decided to do my own studying as i found AF can waste a lot of time and can be a bigger distraction.

hey thanks for that, bannis. at the least, i’ll be able to enjoy my 2 months off from studying more now that you’ve helped me look at this thing more rationally and not through the fog of that brutal pm session… i think i kicked ass in the am, so i’m sure you did too. yup. things are ok.

Over the last day or so, reading the posts here is kind of like watching a bad car accident over, and over. First, it is depressing to find out that you got some questions wrong (which is obviously totally inevitable)… Every time I find out that I got another question wrong, it is like getting kicked in the #%$#'s. The GOOD thing is that for every stupid question that I got wrong (CA/Fin Acct, PM etc), I see that I have gotten a few more right. For example, here are some of my victories which I will cling to for the next 2 months: Ethics - Not as bad as I thought, maybe 4/6 on PM vignette PM - 4 or 5 / 6. I would have guessed 2 - 3 / 6 after the exam Econ - 4/6, thought I did worse Good Sections: Killed FSA, probably 12/12 on derivatives, did well on Equity besides that 105/0 question… Quant 6/6. I think I am nearing the point where I can stop beating up on myself for a handful of wrong answers. Right now I am seeing a lot of garbage / wrong answers being posted over and over, with people agreeing 100% to them… etc. There is no point sitting here arguing with people over what the correct answer was to inflation pass through problems when I know that it was 7.1. I think once people calm down a little (myself included), this forum will return to some sense of normality and usefulness.

i agree with that, however in my pre-poster days I read numerous threads with questions posted with 20 reponses that 100% sure its one answer and the actual result makes everyones head spin I mean I would love to believe that its barriers to entry and a cyclical industry because nothing else made sense. However, no one really knows, and no one will ever know.