This forum scares me

Too many people being worried about the test! Is ANYONE confident? How about some positives and reasons why this test is more doable compared to L2…

I think that the Level III material is considerably less complicated than Level II. I also feel great about being able to prepare much earlier rather than waiting for the previous Level’s results as was the case going from 12/07 Level I to 6/08 Level II. I’m not overlooking Level III at all, but I will be finishing the material at the beginning of April leaving two full months to review as opposed to just over 2 weeks, which was the case w/ Level II.

No big deal y’all. I just think people are scared of what to expect in terms of the structure in questions and what will be the focus. Its definitely a lot cloudier than Ls I & II.

I am pretty confident this year. I got a 9 on the fail thingy last year. I have been putting in a good amount of study time and should be finished by the end of the month and ready to review and hit questions.

Yeah… no worries… must be a piece of cake if after going through grueling LI & LII the passing rate is still in the 50% range… oh wait…

In confident…like a fox!

I’m not confident yet, but I’m confident that I will be confident by the time the test rolls around, if that helps.

With about 200 hours study time to dat I’m feeling …stupid and fat.

I personally thought L3 test was far easier and not as tricky as L2. Just try to have a strategy for taking the morning session, last year I found it long, and I was very well prepared. Go over the old test and solve them in writing and make sure you get used to their ranking systems (above average/below average - High/Low risk tolerance, … ) Also make sure to do the end of chapter questions in the official material at least twice in writing before D-day.