This guy is a nut job--should be stand up comedian

Venezuela insults United States, expels ambassador CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has thrust the OPEC nation into its worst diplomatic crisis for years by expelling the U.S. ambassador in a growing feud between Washington and Latin America’s leftist leaders. Chavez, who calls ex-Cuban leader Fidel Castro his mentor, also on Thursday repeated a threat he has made often to cut off Venezuela’s oil supply to the United States. “Go to hell, s— Yankees, we are a dignified people, go to hell a hundred times,” Chavez shouted at a political rally to thousands of roaring supporters dressed in red. Chavez is the most radical of a growing number of leftist governments in Latin America that to a greater or lesser degree oppose Washington’s traditional dominance in Latin America. Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves outside the Middle East and despite Chavez’s clashes with the Bush administration, is a major supplier to the United States, which is its biggest customer. Chavez said Thursday’s move was made in support of his close ally President Evo Morales of Bolivia, where violent anti-government protests have killed eight people. “The Yankee ambassador in Caracas has got 72 hours to get out of Venezuela, in solidarity with Bolivia,” Chavez said. Morales, a leftist Aymara Indian, this week expelled the U.S. ambassador in the poor Andean nation after accusing him of instigating the protests. Chavez said Washington was behind an alleged plot by retired military officers to kill him and said it had plans to bomb him from planes marked as Venezuelan. “If there was an aggression against Venezuela there would be no oil for the people or for the government of the United States,” the former paratrooper said. The United States has rejected the allegations by Chavez and Morales. It retaliated against Bolivia on Thursday by ordering its ambassador to Washington to leave. Chavez told his own ambassador to the United States to come home before he was thrown out. The U.S. State Department said it had not been officially notified of the expulsion. Chavez was briefly ousted in a 2002 coup that was initially welcomed by Washington. Even after the coup Chavez did not go so far as to expel the U.S. ambassador. In a busy week even for the outspoken socialist, Chavez allowed two Russian long-range bombers to land in Venezuela and played audio tapes live on television that appeared to show military officers conspiring against him. He also cut U.S. flights to Venezuela and warned he would support “armed movements” to back Morales in the event of a coup against him. Chavez frequently calls the United States an aggressive empire and has aligned himself with Russia. Moscow is also sending warships for naval exercises later this year in its first such move since the Cold War.

their president may be a total nutjob, but at least their women are hot!

What do you expect? When crude is down this much, he needs some political tention!

numi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > their president may be a total nutjob, but at > least their women are hot! Amen to that. Greatest contribution to mankind from Venezuela.

Chavez is a clown!

This is just another reason to get off foreign oil not just in the Middle East but here too. But this just shows that as much as he hates America, Hugo still needs our oil money. Wouldn’t it be great one day to say to heck with you no more oil money for you Hugo!!! Would be a disater for that country.