This has been the most unproductive Monday

I give up, I don’t think I can get any “real” work done today. All I’ve been doing is IMing or receiving IMs from every coworker I know who took level 2 and discussing the stupid “link” situation that happened over the weekend. Now I find myself just staring blankly at the CFA website…itching to keep logging in to see…something…i don’t know what. I was pretty calm over the past 2 months until I went on AF last night…now i’ve gone over to the other side haha :frowning: I might as well go take a 2 hour lunch now…I’m pretty much useless today.

what link situation?

Haha, I was just going to post the same thing. I have been pretty good about staying away from AF since the test but since Saturday I have had this place on constant refresh. I am not even sure why since it will not change or help my results. I just have that innate need to do something related to this test (check AF, check CFAI website, talk to other candidates about it, anything really). So far I have tried to start on 2 or 3 projects for work and get about 15 minutes into them and need to come back to AF. I do not see myself getting anything done today or even tomorrow. Long lunches are definitely in order.

I’m with you regarding the unproductive day. I’ve tried to distract myself with “work” but it’s not working. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will not get anything done today and tonight is going to suck. I really don’t like knowing the date/time for results. The anticipation of 9:00AM tomorrow is way worse than last year having no idea when we would get THE email that results were available. Then again, at least we know this anxiety ends at 9:00AM tomorrow… That about sums it up

^^Nice! I love ExciteBike!

Yes, now i definitely appreciate being “surprised” with when scores come out versus THIS!! Last year was fun…i found out results were out during a meeting with one of my VPs. Needless to say meeting was a wreck…came back to my desk and had my boss come over to ask me if i passed. Basically, I was the last peson on the floor to find out results came out hahaha. Yea I still prefer last year to THIS!

Yes, this is a very unproductive day. Ever since seeing the infamous “Level III” link on the weekend I have been tortuing myself with deciding whether it means anything. If I see FAIL tomorrow, I will be even more crushed! Either way, tomorrow will also be unproductive. I will either be on cloud 9 or in the dumpsters…

I’ve done nothing today at work; I’ve tried, just not going to happen.

I must confess I’ve been very unproductive today…but I must admit; that happens most Mondays. Weekend hangover, coupled with 3 hrs sleep last nite is not a good combo.

If I pass tomorrow…i may take a shot during lunch if i can find a partner in crime. If i fail…i may take 2 shots. but yea tomorrow will be unproductive as well…

Tell me about it. Results tomorrow plus an impending hurricane = no work done today.

Aimee are you in florida? my colleage from there is like tracking that hurricane like im tracking the CFA link hahaha…

Yep, Tampa area. I just switch back and forth between AF and the hurricane center’s website!

That wuold suck if your internet went down due to the hurricane tomorrow…hahaha…sorry im joking, hope it doesn’t happen to you!!