This has to be illegal

Apparently there’s a meme going around on FB.

“God has nominated the entire city of Buffalo for the Ice Bucket Challenge.”

^Hmm, not funny and a reference to something no one cares about anymore…yep, this checks out as a FB meme.


Remind me to never live in Buffalo.

I purchased a snow blower last week and it was delivered today.

The delivery truck got stuck in my driveway. And, some assembly required. I really don’t like having to put anything together.

I have a snow blower. One of the greatest investment decisions I have ever made. Easily.

In 2012, we set a record for snow with 19.3 inches that winter. It snowed 11 inches in one day. That’s the most snow I have ever seen.

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 52m 52 minutes ago

Football now a secondary issue in south part of Buffalo. People concerned about getting food, collapsing roofs, life-threatening issues.

We average 50 inches per year. Most of which falls in November and March. An 11" snowfall for us would occur MAYBE once a year. That’s a lot of snow, even for Western Canada. The more humid East gets heavier dumps. I remember days of 3 foot snowfalls in Ontario, similar effect to the Buffalo situation.

In Texas?

^Yeah. The Panhandle (Amarillo and Lubbock) get quite a bit of snow every year (10 and 8 inches, respectively). Dallas/Fort Worth get an inch or two every year.

It only snows about once every four years in San Antonio. It rarely snows in Houston.

The Bills are offering to pay $10 an hour + game tickets to people to shovel the field at Ralph Wilson stadium. Apparently, the response has been off the charts.


I know the Bills have not been very good for quite some time now, but I thought they had a pretty solid fan base. How are game tickets available for a late season, division game?

That’s interesting. I always assumed all of Texas is like a desert. The northern most tip is barely above LA or some other hot California places. I guess it matters that it is in the middle part of the US or something.

Much of west Texas is at high elevation (sloping down obviously towards the ocean and to the East). Greenie is at 2,782ft ASL. Elevation = colder winters, and nights, than latitude would suggest.

Texas has snow and ice storms, just not large volumes. People don’t realize it though lol

Amarillo has some nasty storms.

West Texas is like a desert, akin to New Mexico. East Texas is more like the deep south, with tall pine trees, swamps, alligators, and what not. In the middle, you have hills and lakes and stuff, and the Panhandle is like Kansas–flat with nothing but farmland.