This is coming to Australia

Is this for real? Is there actually a proper following of this in the U.S.? I can see myself tuning in to this for 15 minutes out novelty interest, but not sure how much traction this is going to have long term.

Anybody follow this or know of people who watch this?

An interesting concept IMO, sort of Victoria Secret catalogue meets NFL.

That girl did the slash. I’m sold. Man they must get some brutal turf burns.

I’d rather just go get a drunk sheila and bang her silly.

I’ve seen stories about the north american league on one of the email provider’s home page (I think it was msn, but it might have been yahoo)

The league certainly exists in the US. One of the franchises actually plays at an arena a few miles from my house. I think they play 5 or 6 games per season. I have never been though and have no idea how many people actually attend.

In Australia it would be called Gridiron. Now what I would like to see is Lingerie Australian-rules football.

Sounds camp as a row of tents, oh you mean with chicks?

Miami Caliente vs Philadelphia Passion in Miami

>> The U.S. Lingerie Football League is forgoing a 2012 season in order to expand the sport abroad and refocus it as a warm-weather game.

>>The “All Fantasy Tour” will start in Mexico City next month, followed by dates in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, and possibly cities in Asia later in the year.

>>The LFL, which is based in West Hollywood, Calif., plans to launch a league in Australia in 2013. The three-year-old LFL features all-female, seven-member teams playing in lingerie and football pads.

A buddy of mine is dating a lingerie football player. She’s hot but…strong. Those chicks are for real.

I tried watching it on tv, but the editing is rough. It’s really hard to follow, since they don’t show some downs, edit out as much down time (timeouts, hudles, etc) as they can, etc.

I’d be up for going to a game, though

Not surprising that they are “forgoing” the 2012 season. I can’t imagine a local team can sustain interest for more than a season or two because the novelty will have worn off by then, so touring seems like a good idea.

I’m from Seattle and had never even heard that Seattle has a team. It can’t be very popular.

^ they might not actually play in Seattle. The Philadelphia Passion play (I guess now it’s played) in Trenton, NJ, a good 45 minutes from Center City Philly. That being said, I had no idea they played there until a buddy tried to set up a guy’s night to attend a game.

Interesting. I looked at the website and was actually impressed – the women are pretty damn attractive if you like tall women. I thought they would be kind of beastly looking (maybe like female power lifters) but they must screen for some combination of athleticism and looks.