This is extremely dangerous to our democracy


uhhhh only dinosaurs havent cut the cord

Keep the conspiracy stuff in one thread GoB.

Feel free to contribute your woke material to my thread. As more disclosure takes place, it will be good to get a constructive discussion going on what it all means.

cant watch at work is this the sinclair media script they had all their anchors read calling out any news media that isnt pro trump?

talk about dangerous! its almost like sinclair is part of a swampy group of (((deep state))) individuals that is helping donald trump in return for favorable moves by the FCC

Trump: master strategist – only way to get the left to understand the danger of our media industry structure is to show them just how easy it is to create a monotone propaganda machine. Next step will be realizing this has been the norm for decades. Genius.

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Nope, wrong again.

Is it so bad that people are reading a script?

Is it so bad that people are reading a script?

Apparently its dangerous to our democracy

that’s up to the people. i think the shocking part is that people may not realize how the industry is structured and they assume their local news (i.e. decisions about what to report) is determined locally. We young bucks know what’s up, but our parents and grand parents by and large do not.

i hope this sheds light on things enough so that people will start making more informed decisions about where/how they get their news.i hope they decide that a small handful of powerful interests deciding what is news is a bad idea.

The denialism of Americans never ceases to amaze. :confused:

How could people 1) still not know the oligopoly industry structure is such that 90% of all media is a subsidiary of a corporate conglomerate, 2) not see these operate with top-down direction from centralized think tanks (scripted) as nothing else can explain the homogenous responses, and 3) see this industry structure has already trashed (not “threatened”) the democracy.

It’s like Bchad said in his exit letter— battling oligarchs struggling for control of the failed state.

In all honesty I had no idea they were all the same until John Oliver talked about it. It’s quite funny cuz I knew a bit about the merger and thought it made sense. The business is dying, the merger should go through. Tech is taking over. They need any advantage they can.

but this does nothing to address the problem without drastic change. Tech is already completely consolidated and censorship is ramping up dramatically. You will get approved brainwashing on the internet only without big change.


but “everything’s” smaller in France.