This is going to be the weirdest post on this forum!

i am an enineering graduate! from ASIA ( i pursued it because of peer pressure); then i realized that i am interested in arts! so i did many things after i passed out of college, like writing plays, scripts, shooting and directing shorts etc. so it was rewarding to soul! but in process i made very little money or no money! i started reading about money and stuff 3 years back. intelligent investor, one up on wall street etc. and i almost read all the personal finance stuff available on blogs,newspapers etc. i now, have a keen interest in equity investment and analysis! though filmmaking and writing are my core passions! can i do CFA for earning money from a source which i am interested in off late!

i have tried all the alternatives like advertising industry and all that! i am good at my art and want to create my art till i die! but i also need to earn money from some solid means so that i shouldn’t create what market needs, i am looking for a virgin corner in my life where i can create my art without any expectations and similarly earn some serious money for say next 10 years and follow a semi retirement route meanwhile i can pursue more income streams


BTech- Mechanical Engineering, PG Diploma in Mass Communication

* I am from a country in asia where there are no serious jobs in creative fields like advt and media…

my age - 26 running

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means? i didn’t get this one! there are lot people like me?

I made a thread for asking how to make money via stock trading -

CFA will provide strong Finance knowledge. If you only want to learn about equity investment for your personal investing reasons than DONT pursue it. As the breadth of information in CFA is vast and embodies the whole subject matter of FInance in extreme depth.

You are from India, right? Ever heard about bollywood? or are you the painter type?

And for having income streams from your investments, you need capital/money to make investments. Do you have the capital/money or do you know somebody who has capital/money and will be willing to let you invest on their behalf?

hey u r r8 about the country! gr8 replies…thank you! actually to answer both of you, i m looking forward to this option as plan B…if it didn’t work out i mean my creative pursuit…i will have this plan B where i can earn some serious money by equity investment knowledge + a job which will fetch me some serious money! so that i can prepare my emergency fund and then continue with my creative pursuits…I know there is bollywood…lol…the most difficult way to break in, is direct ur own movie and the easiest way to break in is write a script and pitch it to different sources! i am doing that…but not sure whether it will work out or not! and in future if i have to really make a movie of my choie then 8/10 times i have to co-produce it!

so this is my plan B…what i don’t know is the time committment! while pursuing this charter…what kind of job i need so that i can pursue my other creative activities ? 9 to 6 job may be? i need to the pros and cons before taking this decision…

This isn’t even close to being the weirdest post on this forum.

i m glad that its not! because i would be the first filmmaker writer on this forum, and asking this so called trivial question of income sources , money and CFA, i thought that no one will reply to this!

Have u thought about shooting porn?

yup! not my cup of tea…but if i m broke one day, i will definitely consider that!

Are these posts for real? Seems like another troll to me.

If you are for real, then stick with engineering. Doing the CFA will not help you.

I m real man! not a troll…there are people in this universe who are terribly confused about their future!

I expected so much more before entering this thread. Your title is a let down.

I am extremely sorry! i thought that filmmaker wanting to pursue CFA was weirdest thing! if i am wrong, plz forgive me!

Tell us what ur movie’s about and we’ll tell you if it’s better than doing the CFA…

You are already an engineering graduate. I suggest you use the knowledge and skills you have learned in engineering and communications to make living and fund your arts projects. Starting over by attempting the CFA is foolish, in my opinion. Just because you are interested in the material of late does not mean that you will get a job in this field. It is very hard to get a job even for people who’ve had interest for years. I think that you’re much more likely to “make … money” in an engineering job rather than trying to break into a finance job.

If you are able to obtain a finance job, then great. Do not attempt the CFA before that.

pokhim! - my latest movie/short is about existential crisis…to sum up in one line

jbrowntown - gr8 advice! i will think of CFA only if i could able to find a job in finance field! thanx


you are my brother. i have an Engineering degree in mechanical, an MBA in finance, CFA level1 and I want to be an ARTIST.

you are not confused. u are being wise. go where money is to fuel your passion.

the world needs more artists and humanitarians than it does investment bankers… but imagine a world where our wold is full of investment banker artists…

on your death bed YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS.


hey bro! i knew that somebody will understand my pain! thanx a lot!

world seems a cruel place where philosophy, sociology are laughable majors these days!

as u rightly pointed out i need money to fuel my dreams, i would not have asked this question if i wanted to be only writer, because any day job would have been the best option!

but i need to accumulate wealth in minimum possible time( because i want to make films) so that i can have emergency fund which is enough for me to sustain for atlest 10 years…

i know its a dream, but i m kinda crazy…lets see what happenes

world would be a better place if everyone choses to do what he wants to and get paid as well

but this is true only in ideal world! in reality i need to earn this choice!

i am working on a small business idea as well…so i am building a safety nest of A B C options

copola - he made gr8 movies like godfather series, but he earned his money from a wine business, which helped him to make movies exactly the way he wanted to make them!

i know this plan sounds a bit crazy but i m trying to figure out all options