This is how itera feels when he posts on the L1 forum


“The mouse should call the Wahbulance.” - itera

(Even though it’s clearly Wambulance and Wahbulance makes no sense at all and is just wrong in every way)

Eh? Wahbulance makes more sense.

Wambulance sounds like bangbus’s poor cousin.

Is it Ahbulance? No. It’s W-Ambulance where you just add a W to an existing word, not try to make up an entirely new word that sounds stupid.

Also, Urban Dictionary has my back on this:

Know what happens when you google Ahbulance? Suggested search term “Ambulance” comes up. Google knows everything. If it’s not on Google, it doesn’t exist.

Case closed.

Lol, touché…


LOL. I agree…for f*ck’s sake I don’t even know why this was ever a debate in the first place

Nice pic!