This is not fair

I have got to watch it

^ See what happens…

See what happens, Larry!?! You see what happens, Larry!?! See what happens!?! See what happens when you…

It is a good movie, but its status is elevated by the recursive, people thinking it’s cool because their friends think it is cool, and so on.

In 2 steps and you’re a member of the cult; all while am in my pajamas. I feel sorry for Jehovah Witnesses

I didn’t promise to like it

Clear your soul and heart. Open your mind. Enlightenment awaits .

And make yourself a white russian to drink while viewing.

I am already a white russian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I never say no to putting a white Russian in me.

Best thing about Russians is, they will not tend to destroy you psychologically if you forget a birthday or valentine’s day present. Actually it doesn’t make a difference to them. They’re emotionally stable, some of them are even emotionless, they’re the best.

I disagree with anyone who claims that Grown Ups 2 was funny. That movie was so stupid I turned it off after 30 minutes. I felt like I was losing brain cells with each passing minute.

I like some good juvenile humor. But after 30 minutes, I didn’t see one single thing that was funny. Just a bunch of really stupid stuff.

The first Grown Ups was worth watching, but probably only once.

im trying to see entourage. sometime next month?

i don’t know why so many of you like Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2. not good.

Best AS movies are:

Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Waterboy, Punch Drunk Love.

Anything else can only be enjoyed for its absolute terribleness. Maybe 50 First Dates gets a pass as a cute romantic movie.

^ Stuck in the past.

I stopped watching Adam Sandler movies after Click. It was not only horribly unfunny, but also depressing and a tearjerker. That’s not what I signed up for Sandler.

Is it just me, or is 50 First Dates just a really creepy movie? Drew Barrymore was clearly mentally impaired and unable to make good decisions on her well being. So, essentially, the movie condones her repeated rape by Adam Sandler over a long period of time.

if it makes it any better, her family, who were her legal guardians, effectively enabled it all. it’s better than pimping her out…

^Meh. She wouldn’t have known the difference and the parents would have additional income to offset the hefty medical bills they were left with. I mean, it’s really the least she could do.

i’m surprised there isn’t an adult movie along these lines. 50 First Mates?