This is not fair

After a mentally demanding period (CFA exams or watching American Idol), one of the relaxing activities is watching a cool funny movie. The Big Lebowski comes high in the list. Why this movie was a box office failure while Adam Sandler’s movies grossed much higher (even after inflation adjustment)?

Fair!? Who’s the fucking nihilist here!

You are out of your element, here.

In a way, isn’t this better? I kind of like the fact that a lot of my favorite movies/bands/etc. are not that mainstream. I think people flock to things like Adam Sandler movies because they know exactly what they’re going to get. They’re consistent (albeit consistently bad…Happy Gilmour aside).

You have a point here. Like eating at McDonal’s


Adam Sandler was really funny when I was 19.

Now that I’m 35, he’s not nearly as funny. He just hasn’t aged with me.

American Pie–now that’s funny. The characters got older as I got older.


Well that’s just like, you know, your opinion man.

I think The big Lebowski is pretty mainstream.

I’ve had the opposite reaction. I never found Adam Sandler funny when I was younger, but he’s grown on me over time.

I think it’s because his humor tends to contrast the tension between how we think we ought to behave as adults with the fact that many of us still want to behave as children (or act primarily on our immediate desires and emotions, which is one of the big things that separates adults from children in the public sphere).

Over time, I think he’s learned to foil that contrast, to remind us all that we miss being children a bit, and to draw out the consequences of what it’s like to be half-adult, half-child.

Jim Gaffigan does similar things when he does his food routines (cake; hot pockets).


^ Grown ups and Grown ups 2 are funny bigtime. Prime examples of bchad’s description.


Funny side note: I went to uni with the daughter of nihilist 3. Not Peter Stormare and not Flea but the german guy (Torsten Voges) who incidently played the doctor of a sick Adam Sandler in Funny People. And so the trivia circle closes.

She is quite cute but has too much of her father…

Adam Sandler is the Nicolass Cage of comedy. He’s in everything but no one likes him.

What’s with all the Adam Sandler hate? I definitely found him funnier when I was younger, but still enjoy his movies. Do people find him that obnoxious - it’s not like he’s Pauly Shore or anything?

Adam Sandler is probably my go-to actor for humour (don’t know what that says about me). You just can’t beat 50 first dates, Click and Billy Madison.

Many Adam Sandler movies are enjoyable, but it is hard to not feel intense hatred for the person who produced Chuck and Larry, Click, or Jack and Jill.

Adam Sandler made several very funny movies in the late 90s and he was very funny before that on MTV’s Remote Control, but I outgrew him. His schtick worked fine when he was in his late 20s/early 30s, but he doesn’t seem to have adapted it enough for a guy who’s almost 50. I have not seen Grown Ups or Grown Ups 2 though, so maybe he has changed.

Big Lebowski. What’s the deal with this movie? I haven’t seen it but I remember when was doing online dating a couple of years ago 99% of the guys I paid attention to had that movie in their top 10. Is BL just so widely popular? Or am I attracted to a certain type of guys without realizing it?

The script is deep, hilarious, and smart. Production is of high standards. The character played by Jeff Bridges is a… character. This is the Godfather of comedy movies.