This is to keep us all going Enjoy!!!

GOt another one:

Is one of these the guy driving to work then getting his results in the office… where he says “yes! after 5 years!!” 5 years???

Dont ever let somebody tell you, that you cant do something. Not even me. You got a dream? You gotta protect it! People cant do something themselves, so they wanna tell you, that you cant do it! You want something? Go get it!.. Period.

Oohh, the Kobe/Shaq one gave me goosebumps! Awesome! Im gonna push of and win the championship on a last second jumper like I’m Michael Jordan and this exam is Bryon Russell.

Poor russel, i still feel like jordan pushed off… kobe sucks

Off course Jordan pushed off (and this isn’t even hard for me to admit even though I idolized Jordan when I was a kid). Agreed on Kobe too, but he will likely win that first “on his own” championship “on his own” this year. Its all about Bron now, the kid is amazing. When Jordan left the second time (after 6th title) I never thought anyone would have that “aura” about them that he did, Kobe certainly doesn’t, but I have to say that at just 24 Bron seems to already have that same “aura.” makes me wonder what the next ten years have in store for him!

putting this on repeat keeps me going CFA = Drago; using super computers to come up with tricky answers, quants making up questions that have us scratching our heads, etc…

dspapo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > putting this on repeat keeps me going > > > Holy crap - scary.