This is what politics has come to

Hah I heard the factual feminist talking about how we approaching a moral panic. New data supporting her argument

In the future, all officials must be Hispanic female refugee lesbians. It is the only way to be sure of no prejudice.

Are you anti islam or something?

Yup, this is what all the commotion is actually about, man-hate, nailing down the gynarchy. Meanwhile the continued mangling of what is left of the illusion of a democracy (Flynn witch hunt). LOL, Amerika is a mega fail.

A-shares guys, seriously.

How’s your country doing? Too ashamed to name it?


See, you nationalist-primates always reveal yourselves. You do realize there are some people who do not see things in terms of “their” country, right? Why would it be “yours” just because of randomly being born there?

The country I currently reside in is doing quantifiably fantastic, relative to everyone else. Hence why I reside there.