This is why I dont play soccer anymore

Ouch. How?

Does he actually mean anus or is it more like a butt muscle and it got translated like this?

I’d imagine while slide tackling.

Reminds me of that californication episode with anal fissures.

Since I’ve been looking at ergonomic chairs lately, I came across this, which seemed marginally relevant:

I assumed you didn’t play soccer anymore because you’re an American male over the age of 12.


Anal fissures are a real problem that affects many Americans and we should not make fun of this serious issue.

^ 1 in 350 according to Wikipedia.

more fibre will probably help you lot. Aka not trying to shit out a burger everyday would be beneficial

Brock Lesner is affected. Took him right out of MMA.

^ he is still pounding Sable?

Heh, I don’t know, but I babysat one of his esteemed training partners a long time ago.