This makes me friggin puke

Quotes from Bush: “It is a big package because it’s a big problem,” he said at a joint news conference with Alvaro Uribe, the president of Colombia. “We moved, we moved hard and I believe this is gonna work,” he said. “The American people have got to know that I made this decision along with a lot of experts because it was necessary to protect them.” Bush added, “In the long run, we’re going to be fine” and he cautioned against blaming anyone for the mess. “Now is not the time to play the blame game,” he said. “From our perspective, it’s time to solve the problem and that’s what we did.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The blame game is precisely what should be going on right now. There needs to be some accountability for this mess. You gotta wonder how much these b@stards pockets have been lined to get this bailout plan in place. I’ve never been a Bush basher because I’ve always believed he does a good enough job making himself look like an idiot. But the way this whole thing is playing out is criminal to the average American.

agree with you BB, this is also what Carl Icahn said last night (my hero)… and there be a Hall of Shame with people named … as the ceos, board members are criminals. … let it roll …

Bush went on to say: “Details don’t matter. If you try to understand you’ll just get frustrated. Smart people got us into this mess and smart people will get us out. They advised me. Don’t blame them. Don’t blame me. Pay your friggin’ mortgage ya’ silly whiners”