This might mean more to those in Boston..or Southie more specifically.

I was thinking of a good 2 part morning question for a future level 3 exam… The scenario is as follows…your client is 65 year old individual headed into retirement, who has 10m in cash from drugs, extortion, money laudering etc. He and his 45 year old spouse expect to travel the world over the next several years. What are the client’s return req, time and tax constraints… Part 2…16 years have passed. The client is now 81 years old, in good health, living in a rent controlled apt in Santa Monica. He has 800,000 in cash(and perhaps some other liquid and nonliquid assets elsewhere. He immediately needs to spend 100,000 or more on an attorney…what are his liquidity requirements?

I think asking for a specific legal constraint might be more applicable to the situation.

good point!

interesting… tell me if this client doesn’t tell the advisor about how wealth was earned then what can the advisor do? another offshoot: how the blackmoney is managed by the advisors? i mean how do we come to know about the blackness of the money?