This one's for Greenman . .

. . . and all his buddies in Texas:

I bet greenman has an awesome gun collection

You would bet wrong, my friend. I own nary a firearm. No “military-style assault rifles”, no hunting rifles, no shotguns, no handguns. I don’t even have a BB-gun.

Not a political/moral/philosophical/spiritual thing, they’re just not my thing.

  1. They’re expensive
  2. I’ve made it through 40 years and never yet needed a gun
  3. I don’t like killing animals
  4. I have young kids in the house
  5. Being a fat person, I don’t really know how I’d conceal a handgun
  6. Even if I could conceal it, you’d have to remember to take it off every time you went into a bar/school/gym etc. And I’d probably forget, and wind up in jail.
  7. I’d be afraid I’d accidentally shoot myself in the foot, Plaxico Burress-style.

I’m a very strong supporter of 2A. I just don’t own any myself.

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I should also add–

  1. I don’t like to hunt or fish
  2. I don’t own a truck
  3. I have zero desire to ever own a horse, a farm, or a ranch
  4. I never wear boots, and rarely wear hats. When I do, it’s MIlwaukee Brewers cap.

I’m probably the least-Texasy Texan in the world.


I bet you’re the sweetest Texan. :laughing:

in a roll of fat?
be much harder to conceal if you were a thin person

Statistically speaking, the western societies (even the US) are nowadays so safe that having a gun in the house is much more likely to lead to death/injury because of domestic violence or accident than serve as protection during a break-in or some other extreme case like that.

I don’t have a gun right now but given conditions I wish I did. Almost impossible now to get a gun or ammo. I don’t like the fact that they are purposefully slowing down the economy. This might cause civil unrest and anarchy. Next time I shall be better prepared.
The best time to fix a roof is not during a storm, but when the sun is shining with a cool breeze.

I laughed at all this stuff when it started. Not anymore! I have a lake house really deep in the woods where you can fish and survive for very long , if you’re ok with drinking slightly muddy water from a well for extended periods of time. I am. A pretty quick turn around for a guy like me. Even if this virus were gone tomorrow, i will buy at least 3 years worth of food/stuff so that if this happens again, i won’t be caught my pants down and a smuck smile on my face!

There’s definitely some downsides to gun ownership but then I think there’s downsides to almost anything if you look hard enough. That said, I’d rather own a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have one.

Lol i am still astounded. The level of panic for a 0.2 percent mortality rate for people under 50 is astounding. Imagine if we had the bubonic plague, where the mortality rate was 50 percent. Perhaps The reason why it spread is because it had such a low mortality rate and no one took it seriously. I saw a guy riding a bicycle wearing a mask. When my sister came to my house, she felt it necessary to wear a mask. Majority of people are idiots and you really have to blame every government and media for causing this hysteria.

I have a few to spare, along with ammo. I’m sure we could work something out.

Haha I need a revolver! Sir gratata.

Eh, no revolvers. If you’re trying to go old school, I have a Marlin 1895 in .45-70. It’s a little unwieldly in close quarters, though.

Lol I don’t really know much about guns. I just know It was far easier to handle Whether by reloading or shooting than a semi.

I have a hard core BB gun/rifle. I think it would kill an intruder if hit square in da face. Hopefully it will never come to that. Couldn’t pull the trigger and try to hurt someone!

Surely you jest. It’s far more efficient for most people to just pop in a fresh mag than try to reload a cylinder.

I say most people because Jerry Miculek is a freak of nature (skip to 0:42 for the good stuff)

What I mean is the prep time to load up a magazine. The revolver is much simpler. I don’t have to make sure a bullet is in the chamber. I just put in the bullet point and shoot. To put a fresh magazine is easy though.