This place is getting weird

So many weird new accounts. Lots of anger out of the gate from certain people, stuck in judgments based on identity, very low vibe. I was planning on taking a break around this time to prepare for some big habbenings. The arrival of these people is definitely my cue to exit for a while.

Godspeed to you all. Remember love conquers all and the only way to keep you out of higher consciousness is to keep you in fear and separation. If you choose not to engage with the fear peddling, your world will open up to beauty. Together we’re invincible. Trust yourself.

We’ll miss you CHARLIE!!!

We will strike from the shadows when the time is right. Will be on standby falcon leader, over.

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don’t worry, CW leaves once a month. usually at the end of the month … until the beginning of the next month

It will be 5 days really

Is anyone else aroused right now?

Is this the AF version of posting on facebook that you’re going to delete your facebook? :grin:

Or a kid telling his parents that he is going to run away from home?

Different situations and different behaviors but the underlying fact remains the same: you’re doing it for attention and we all know you will be back :wink:

Anyways, this is probably the first post from CW which I didn’t find interesting, thought-provoking or entertaining.

I’ll miss Charlie during his hiatus. Gods speed!

these bankers dont have a clue

they need to take some courses

im on some jedi mind tricks

using all 5 forces

work hard play hard

even your mom thinks you’re a tool

be a burn out banker

did your math in my prep school!

Why do you have to tell anyone? Just go, the results will speak for themselves.

Not just this place, all places in 'Merika, full-on mental meltdown.