This weekend... Everyone will be unable to register for exam from 9am on Sat until 9am on Tues. Nothing new there but it sounds like there will be a lot of amends going on in the background of the CFAI website. I think there willl be cases of people losing links to sign-up for exams while others still have theirs. I’m not saying this is anything significant but when I found out I passed Level I and II it was quite a few hours before the results were “officially” out. In the case of Level I: I was able to use a generic link posted on here a few hours before the link was up on the CFAI website. In the case of Level II, I had a Level III registration link an hour or so before the results link worked. I think the changes to the backgrounds (i.e seeing links to Level III 2009 registration or hopefully not) of user profiles will be evident again before 9am Tuesday. As for me, I’m fairly certain I failed but I think people will be able to work out whether or not they passed/failed before the official release time/date. I’m certainly not an IT expert but I think it’s too difficult to synchronise the release of all results and ensure other links (specific to user profiles) are updated at the same time. I predict the user account section will give you a good idea of how you did before the official results link is availble at 9am. Admittedly, seeing the official results is the only certain proof though.

interesting thing (hopefully wont get me in trouble): when you click on level 1 results you get this link: if you delete the end of the link so it says ‘results/’ at the end, it takes you to 2006 results. something’s fishy.

from IT perspective it is trivial to do this. Very trivial. Update on what? 150000 rows for pass/fail and then insert for statistics? Please. CFAI website is crappp

Everyone on this forum is going to be checking every 10 minutes this weekend

hezagenius Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Everyone on this forum is going to be checking > every 10 minutes this weekend Except me. I will be checking every 5

I think I will just check this forum periodically. As soon as someone gets in, they’ll post it here.

Boy, I just went to L2 forum. what a bunch of buffoons! thank god i can be proud to call all of you my peers.

Pass rate of L3 forum > Pass rate of L2 forum this year! YEAH!

Oh mighty L3s, you judge us too quickly. The L2 forum is a circus primarily because of the previous L1 crowd who just passed and are in mass attempting to stage an early coup d’etat. As you can imagine, this does not sit too well with the current L2 candidates (such as myself) who have been stuck in no-man’s land for a few weeks as we impatiently await our results. I have started paying attention mostly to the L3 board, as the L2 forum no longer seems to be particularly applicable to me. I would imagine most of the L2 candidates who feel that they did well on the exam are either 1. ignoring analyst forum altogether until next week, 2. posting in general discussion, or 3. scrolling the L3 message board as I am. If you think you passed, there is not much incentive to contribute in a meaningful way to the hoards of overeager youngsters from L1 who have invaded our once peaceful and quiet sanctum of knowledge. From the perspective of hopefully one of my last 4 days classified as a L2 candidate, I wish you all the best of luck with L3 results, and sincerely hope that soon in the future we will all be “charterholders” and no longer meaninglessly subdivided into numeric categories.

Dwight, is your surname Dyson - because there is some serious sucking up going on?

When Dwight will rule the forums next year, you will beg for mercy Rick, you will beg him so you will be allowed to post replies to his great and visionary posts. TREMBLE!

someone who passed last year has no registration link only: CFA PROGRAM VIEW CFA EXAMINATION RESULTS I think when level 1 came out this year my link was gone and then reappeared after they released results, so that may not be a sign but i imagine if there is a link for 2009 registration, your sitting again.

Rick O’Shea Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dwight, is your surname Dyson - because there is > some serious sucking up going on? Be careful. Some of us have an added feature on our message bar. This is what my screen looks like: “Re: This weekend… Posted by: Rick O’Shea (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] [change level 3 result to a FAIL with a band of 10] Date: August 14, 2008 03:43PM”

To be honest Dwight, the way my morning paper went, I’d be pleased getting near 10.