Thomson One Eikon

anyone use it? what do you think of it? i currently use Market-Q.

I used it at my previous employer. It’s alright, definitely the poor man’s Bloomberg though.

I demo’d it, did not like it personally but it would probably work.

What’s the cost of Market-Q? Please PM if you can’t share publically. And what do you think of it?

not 100% sure on price as i’m not the one paying. i think the basic Market-Q platform with basic options was about 40% cheaper than Thomson One but the version of Market-Q i use is probably only 10-20% below Thomson One.

I think we were paying ~$900-$1000CDN per month for Eikon at my last job, if that helps out. This was when the CDN/USD was on par, give or take.

We have a Data Analyst that has Eikon access. No idea what we pay, but given the fact that my company is stupidly cheap when it comes to data access, poor mans bloomberg seems like a generous statement.

I use BBG now (shared between two of us), used Eikon at my last shop. I don’t really use the terminal a ton as that stuff is a relatively small piece of my job, but Eikon was kind of rubbish. Plus I think they nickel and dime you on any data feeds you’re looking for (or did back then).

I asked about the Market-Q pricing as I’d love to have something at home to use, but no way am I paying for a terminal or Eikon at home. I’d also love to have Capital IQ at home, but I don’t even have access to that at work at my new shop and that’s a pricey sucker too.

I imagine this market is a racket if anyone wanted to jump into it…

^ yeah. the base Market-Q isn’t too expensive and is likely your only real option if you want a robust system at home. that said, my system cost (~40% below Thomson One) is based on a several subscriptions so a single subscription would probably be unreasonable, irrespective of the data provider.

It is a racket but they are branded scale businesses that are very labor intensive. How are you going to launch a CapIQ / Bloomberg competitor even though the data is publicly available?

^ I’ll get all the Indians here to populate my data. You’ve got hundreds of near Charterholders here willing to work for peanuts, put them to use! I agree, the dataset is massive. I know a guy here that runs a proprietary data operation for a specialised industry and he makes serious cash even though it’s all public. That’s a more likely way to get into the data biz. Carve out a niche and sell your deep data to get buy side.