It’s the new nuclear energy resource in town. US has an abundance, India is trying two test reactors according to Economist and China too, is in the works. The stuff is less hot than Uranium so Nuclear disasters like Fukushima are hypothetically avoidable. Also, apparently in the late 40’s, US politicians stifled Thoriums progress as the dominant energy resource cuz you know, red, white, and green.

Many thorium deposits sit amply supplying and untouched. As of now there’s no immediate demand but we’ll see as Indias and Chinas trials progress. There are very few public firms in regard to the thorium-as-an-alternative-to-nuclear-energy sector but those public could be considered first-movers upon completition of successful trials and a sufficient demand for US thorium goods and services. Although larger companies could easily absorb the industry on scale, they lack present knowledge.

Anyhow, is anyone else looking into Thorium, or alternative nuclear energy, or alternative energy as a whole?

Would someone give insight as to the nuances in analysis? I am sure already that, fixed capital costs are tremendous but lack comprehensive knowledge in the mining/alt energy field.

Much appreciated! Message me too, we can share data. I’ve already a full report on one firm.

Konigpops, I’m glad to see someone else is interested in Thorium, this is an energy source I’ve been watching since I learned about it in college. I like your summary, there are many benefits to using Thorium over Uranium. You are correct that Thorium was considered superior in the early 1900’s, however the main reason why Uranium was chosen is because it has the ability to be turned into the A-bomb. If not for all the money that went into this technology, we would more likely than not be using thorium around the world today.

There are several companies out there, some attempting to build Thorium reactors and others converting uranium reactors to thorium. This industry is in its infancy and remains in my ‘wait and see’ bucket along with graphene and some of the more futuristic renewable energy sources. This world would benefit greatly from a rise in thorium, there would be no need to keep thorium out of terrorist’s hands and theoretically many poor countries could be given cheap electricity. Hopefully we can see this happen!