Those of you who passed L2 in 2009...

I was doing the 2009 L2 mocks and it looked quite straightforward. In 2009, did the exam surprise you? How much of it was “I’d studied and understood it but I forgot” vs. “I’d read this material but the exam question was so damn hard I couldn’t solve it”? How was the difficulty of the 2009 mock vs. the actual L2 exam? What and why do you think you passed? Thanks for any advice and pointers :slight_smile:

mock exam was a joke compared to the real exam… real exam was much trickier and you really had to be on your toes not to fall for their crap. Just look at all the people still down on L2. I think a bunch of people got over 80% on that mock and failed. Don’t want to discourage you, but don’t get too cocky if you did well on the mock. There is still work to do.

And I would go with your second statement to “I know this material well, but they are presenting it in a manner that I have not seen…and/or they are trying to be deceptive.” My advice would be to read the vignettes very carefully and make sure that you are picking up on everything that they are throwing at you.

Many thanks willispierre for the advice! :slight_smile: