Those who failed Dec 07...

Have you guys started your revision for June 08? And how do you plan to do your revision tis time around? Also anyone using the same books?

I’m planning to start studying this week for the Jun exam. For Dec I used the Schweser materials including the Q-Bank & audio CD’s. I did not use the CFA Institute books for Dec and I feel that was my downfall. The Schweser material was very calculation intesive which to my surprise was quite the opposite from the exam. I’m planning on studying about 200 hrs using the CFA institute materials. My results from the Dec exam while not passing were not all that far from it. Good Luck !

I am starting as soon as I get the books, which will be by the end of this week. I am getting both Schweser and CFA books. Last time I really did not put enough time into studying. This time I am planning to put in about 200 hours or more, depending on my work.

i just signed up. while waiting for books to arrive, i would be interested in hearing from you who have taken the exam once do’s and don’s. cheers,

suny Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i just signed up. while waiting for books to > arrive, i would be interested in hearing from you > who have taken the exam once do’s and don’s. > cheers, Do: Study Ethics diligently, and read the Standards of Practice Handbook a couple of times. Easy points and an important section. Don’t: Do not get bogged down with calculations, expecially in areas like quant and FSA. Learn the concepts and how the answers are derived. I barely used my calculator on the December exam. I think I actually could have passed without it.

budfox, this is very insightful! thx a lot. any view on whether i should get schweser study notes, or a specific book, or other study materials? i have got all the 6 volumes of CFAI books today - massive!! how many hours did you put? time management? any advice on passing L1 is welcome!

I easily put in over 300 hours. I stopped counting after that. I used Schweser only except for a few of the minor sections that I felt Schweser glossed over. I would highly recommend getting Schweser for Qbank and the exam Book 6 9I think they call it exam book 1 now) at the minimum.

I will focus more on the sections i failed (econ and derivatives as expected, and surprisingly Fixed Income) and will try to push my FSA in the >70%. That should do the trick, as i had 3 sections in >70% (Alternatives, Equity and Ethics).

I was close to passing in Dec 07 (got the same score as some passing scores). I agree with everyone above. You could easily pass w/out even touching your calculator (Dec exam i maybe used my caluclator 10 to 15 times). I used only Schweser notes and the Qbank. Way tooooo much calculations. I am going to do very little calculations this go around and just read and read. I feel that Schweser is very deceptive in that they focus all their practice Q’s(books and Qbank) around formulas.

wow this forum is so helpful! thx FisherSU and mike 1000 for sharing your experiences. I actually dont know how the passing score is calculated - is this a weighted average or is there a threadhold that we need to pass for every single material? also, i am about to buy the schweser study notes - which version you recommend - online or cd or download? is schweser study notes worthy at all? the opinions on this subject is quite divided. thx again!