Those who've just started

To those who have just started like. 1) What is your plan 2) Study technique 3) Motivational maintenance

Like my plan is: (started 5 weeks ago btw, so relatively just starting) 1. Finish all readings by end October. November - questions from Q-Bank and review various sections as necessary 2. Reading only (trying not to be tempted to start taking copious notes). Do Schweser Qs after each chapter. Do CFAI questions after each SS. Use Q-Bank to do some questions after CFAI. Not doing all Q-Bank now. Saving majority for November. 3. Hot Asian chick on the Schweser website Like

I too begin my studying just a little over a month ago. Although I must add the major caveat that my wife and I went on a week’s vacation and I did pretty much no studying that entire week, despite dragging a couple of Schweser books with me with good intentions. So you can say that I’m probably more along the lines of 3 1/2 weeks into my studies. Unlike Superinconsistent, I did succomb to the temptation of trying to understand everything in my first pass when in QUANTS, but soon realized that I needed to keep my momentum and just return to the subjects during my revision. I moved to ECON and got through it reasonably fast and I am now in the front end of FRA right now. I am now focused on completing all of the readings, although I do take some (minimal) notes during my reading. It helps me stay focused. The majority of my pensmanship though is through highlighting in the Schweser book and making some notes in the margins to highlight big points for when I review again. My Plan: I plan to complete my readings of all SS by mid-October. I plan to then spend two weeks going back over the readings spending more time on those subjects that I did not get comfortable with on my first pass (or was completely uncomfortable). From November 1st on my studying will be dictated by performance on mock questions/exams. I am only using Schweser except for Ethics/GIPS, which I plan to review again at the end of October. I downloaded the QBank on my laptop and during downtime I answer questions that randomly cover the LOS’s I’ve gone through thus far. I don’t think it is necessary, but I supplement my studying with the VCD’s, FC’s and MP3’s. When I want a break from reading I plop in a VCD and when I’m commuting or at the gym I listen to MP3’s. The FC were given to me by a friend and I use those to help reinforce some of what I read when it is not convenient to study a book. I will probably migrate to the Secret Sauce once I feel like I have all of the broader concepts down. Well that’s my plan anyway. For the last couple of weeks I"ve actually stuck to it. I had ADHD on Saturday though with all the college football going on, so I’ve got to be a hermit for the remainder of today to make up. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

It helps to know I am not alone, as I said I have just started, going to my 2nd week now, have finished Corporate finance, targeting to finish Accounting by end of this week then I will move to Quants etc. I am taking a huge risk though, I am only using Analyst notes, have not yet received my CFA Books, planning to be doing their end of chapter questions every week together with Analysts notes review questions on a weekly basis. I will make a decision mid Oct about Schweser notes, but I think I will get their exam books plus Qbank definately. According to my entire plan I should be finished by Mid Nov, then from there I am planning to be doing questions till exam time, might also purchases/pay for the Schweser mocks, my plan is to do at least 2000 questions before the end of the exams. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE THAT HAVE JUST START, WELL TO EVERYONE ACTUALY WRITING IN DEC 09, LETS DO THIS AND GO FOR L2 IN JUNE 2010. I AM NOT SURE ABOUT YOU BUT I KNOW I WILL BE THERE IN JUNE NEXT YEAR