Thought I'd Share a Study Technique

Hi All,

I’ve read all the material, completed a bunch of questions. Now i’m reviewing mock exams that i’ve completed.

I’ve taken some illuminous orange sticky notes and pasted them over each question that I got incorrect or guessed (primarily on Ethics, Quant, FRA, Eq, FI =c70%). On each stick note i’ve added a short stattment of what the key concept was that I didn’t know. It could be: What is the formula? What this the gain/loss? What is the LOS?

My mock books are filled with little notes…and I’m able to flick through and remind myself on the key bits that I previously didn’t know. For example…trading securities, vs marketable or held for maturity and how they are valued on the BS or Income Statement…I now know that shizzle back to front!

Hope this helps anyone else out there who is having a hard time studying and remembering.

Any other useful study tips out there?


Great tip! My guess is this only works once you’re somewhat comfortable with the materials, otherwise every page would have like 20 sticky notes

I’m currently highlighting every LOS that says “Calculate” …to make sure i actually understand what should be calculated and why.

I do something similar to your sticky notes execpt I use flash cards. Once a concept or formula is fully commited to memory, I throw the flash card away.