Thought PM section was easy finished in 2:15... I must have failed

Ok I had tried to forget about this thing and the weekend helped. Now I’m back at my desk and not feeling as good. I thought the PM section was easy everyone else said it was hard. I actually left before time was up at like the 2:25 mark. I didn’t really study a ton only the last month or so but I figure I got about 100hrs in. I thought the test was very straight forward and only one question that I had “no clue” on and made a complete guess. About 50% I think I was 95% sure and most of the rest I was 75% or so and at the worse a coinflip. I thought the test was very fair and if I failed that thing I don’t deserve to pass. I thought it was much easier than the Scwehser Qbank and definitely Book 6. I struggled to ever finish those under 3 hours and usually had to make complete guesses on 5-10 just to finish. I got a 71% the night before on the CFA online sample exam and it was that bad because I made some stupid mistakes… I’m guessing the same thing probably happened on this thing. I really probably should have spent the last 30mins reviewing but was just ready to get out of there and if you don’t leave at the 2:30 mark they hold you to the end. I never got less than 65% on any of the book 6 exams and that was with having to completely guess on several. So I’m thinking I probably passed but no idea… any guesses