thoughts about the next 2 years

man i cant believe our may 2-4 long weekends are officially going to suck ass for the next two year, MINimum! what a time to schedule the exam…early june. the month of may is officially a right off for the next two years

^ Yah but it’ll be worth it when you have that big ass charter hanging above your desk. The harder you work for it the sweeter victory tastes at the end.

Actually, That’s why I’m starting early this year. So i can afford to take the occasional evening/weekend off and not worry. I missed a pretty sweet fishing trip on the May long weekend last year because of level 1. I plan to be there without the books this year.

Started early last year for L1… loved it in May. I had all the material covered and could work on mock exams and discussing difficult questions. Felt quite relaxed, actually which allowed me to have a huge party weekend one week before the exam! Re-started studying on Wednesday and Thursday and tried to relax on Friday. I’ll try and do that again this time!

I’m going to start early also, I don’t have the patience to study all this again for a full year. Think of all the drinks you have to miss out on before the exam and then add interest for compensation after the exam!