Thoughts of getting a cat

Would like to get a dog, but work hours make that impossible.

Thinking about a cat. Are they generally distant and uncaring? or is that a myth

Do I have to hide everything they could scatch up or tear?

Nah, cats are very loving to their owners. The thing is that most of them don’t warm up to strangers, so they come across as unfriendly. You do need to get them a nice cat tree of scratching post so they don’t scratch your furniture. Also, it’s better if you get two cats. It becomes less work and could be cheaper than having one cat, since they entertain each other and become less needy and destructive. The one unavoidable downside is that they will make fur everywhere.

My friend got 1 cat. Then he got 2 cats. He now has 3 cats. Me and 2 of our other friends are pretty allergic to cats so we never hang out over his place anymore and he always complains about it. If you ever have people over be aware that cats can throw a wrench into that.

dog = BSD

KmeriwetherD any input?

Cat check list questions:

  • Do you have nice leather furniture? Do you like the furniture?
  • Are you a light sleeper / like sleeping in?
  • Is it going to be an outdoor or indoor cat?
  • Do you mind cleaning up cat poop and vomit on the regular? (Pro Tip:Get Vets Best cleaner)

Cats are evil scourges on the world.

I agree with most of this, but generally disagree with the “get two cats” comment. Cats are, by their very nature, solitary creatures that don’t need a lot of companionship.

And all of my cats are declawed in the front, so they can’t scratch your furniture or dig their claws into your legs.

Here’s a little insight into the mind of a cat: Dogs run in packs. They have a leader. Therefore, they recognize the fact that there is a master and the master needs to be obeyed. That’s why you can teach a dog to sit, stay, etc.

Cats are loners. (Lions being the sole exception.) They don’t recognize a master. They are their own master. That’s why cats are generally untrainable, because they don’t feel the need to obey you.

Cats can be cranky, emotionally unstable and generally lack self-deprecating humor or the ability to tolerate innocent practical jokes such as stepping on their tails. In my opinion, you two would share too many personality traits in order for this type of relationship to be a long-term success. That being said, and from a purely aesthetical standpoint, I believe that accessorizing your look with a cat would go a long way.

This is comment of the day, well played

my mom just got a light siamese mix - it is so cute also is the fastest, most agile cat I have ever seen

If you got a cat, you’d be in good company.

FYI - the cat was a complete improvisation. Francis Ford Coppola found a stray cat running around in the studio, picked it up, and handed it to Marlon Brando without saying a word. The cat purred so loud that it was hard to hear Brando’s lines, and they almost had to re-shoot the scene without the cat.

it’s not real fancy, but yea i do like it

light sleeper


ok with a couple times a week??

If you get a cat, get a Top 2 cat, either lion or tiger.

So is my Cheetah hacksaw? Its #1 boutique cat in speed tho

cats = BSD - don’t take no shit from nobody

dogs = SSD - sorta wimpy and sissy like

  • Get your cat declawed. Solves the problem.
  • Cat waking me up has never been a problem. Cats sleep 20 hours a day. They lick themselves the other 4.
  • An outdoor cat in NYC? Don’t they call those “strays”?
  • Expect the cat to cough up a hairball twice a week. But they naturally use a litterbox, and you have to change litter once every couple of days (for one cat. I change mine every day, but I have three cats.)

Never had cats growing up but my wife loves all animals and always had cats so now I have a cat.

I think Guy on a Buffalo’s questions were very good and are all problems that I have encountered. As Greenman stated, we’ve had ours declawed. The throwing up is a bit more than I would like but by far the thing i like about haveing a cat is that we do not have any bugs or rodents. The cat has killed three mice and countless spiders and bugs, which I like.

Anyway, good luck with finding yourself a suitable pussy.