thoughts on goldman slc office

anyone here have any opinions on their salt lake city office? would you move for a portfolio role? i’m on the west coast (temporary situation), but not a 100% committed to moving. however, i do see the benefit of this opening other possibilties down the road… maybe, maybe not (am skeptical coz i have heard that goldman’s non-primary operations are in slc)?

That’s their BO right?

What is the role? As far as I know, yes, GS runs ops out of Utah (I’ve dealt with some of these guys before). However, it would not be surprising if they have some minor analytical operations there as well.

yes GS runs back office and ops out of Utah. cheap cost of living means cheaper salaries means more better margins and earnings boost.

they have a lot of middle office out of jersey city

this is a role in their portfolio contruction team. fixed income. i’d think construction would be more akin to risk/monitoring - so MO? however, description threw me off. have spoken to two people so far, so trying to get your guys take. description said monitor risk, work with traders to adjust postions and work with PMs to ensure proper allocations.

Description is ambiguous but most likely some kind of MO job since you work with traders and PMs but are neither. Might not be a bad job, but it depends on what you are currently doing. I don’t know how possible it is to jump from Utah to a GS office somewhere else if that is your goal.

I have advised several clients in interviews for the GS Salt Lake City office, two of whom ended up getting job offers. They were all for the business analyst program for their equity research division. Their purpose is to support the main research teams in New York or SF, but their job descriptions are definitely front office roles as they do valuation, modeling, research writing, market share and revenue builds, and ultimately go through the licensing process for their Series exams. The aspiration in many cases is to transfer to a main office after a couple years and become a research associate or third-year junior analyst.

They do middle and back office out of Salt Lake City as well, but I’m unfamiliar with these roles. As with any job it really comes down to what you’ll actually be doing, rather the location itself. But more generically speaking, Salt Lake City is lovely and I’d kill to be that close to the mountains to go hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter.


SLC = Hacksaw

Interesting, this is news to me. I’ve worked at GS before, and had only ever heard of back office being there. I guess times have changed.

Maybe GS has started putting these people in Utah as cost pressure increases. I was privy to some business cost numbers recently, and they were shockingly high. The cost of putting me in this seat, including the cost of support employees, are much, much higher than what I get paid…

i do want to be in portfolio management in the long run. i know that if i ask them a question like “when can i move to nyc,” they will reject me on the spot. lol. what kind of questions (relevant to PM work) should i ask to get an idea of how close the position is to real PM-related stuff (as opposed to simply being a risk-only role).

^ be honest.