Thoughts on Mock vs. Actual for 2010

I guess I’m just procrastinating on re-reading ethics stuff. Wondering, for example, if the fact that the mock covered Research Objectivity Standards and Soft Dollar Standards, does that mean more or less likely on the actual exam? Chances of them essentially repeating a question (different names, same concepts)? Is it a waste of time to focus too much on the questions I got wrong on the mock? Also, anyone else find ethics on the mock really difficult/not intuitive/nit picky? I bombed it, but always had confidence in ethics til yesterday. Cheers everyone!

The questions on the mock and samples were repeated from earlier years as far back as 2008 from what someone told me. I would not use the presence or lack thereof as any guide whatsoever. Trying to game it from that perspective is a fool’s bet. I’m betting that since ROS and Prudent Man were new to Level 2, you can expect some questions on it but probably not an entire item set.