Thoughts on my next approach

Hi, Looking for some advice. I just finished the last Chapter on the curriculum (GIPS). I’ve read all the CFA curriculum and Schweser Notes(except Ethics, saving that for bed time reading) and have done all EOC questions only (did not do any EOC from Schwesers). With that, and as always for the past 2 levels, I can never remember what I’ve read in the beginning. What do you think is the best approach to re-instill my knowledge on past readings? I want to make sure I leave ample time for questions and practice exams. I’m thinking this for each SS: Review SS video lectures from Schweser for a summary. Go Through all CFA EOC questions again, this time taking Notes as I progress Rinse and repeat for each SS. Then start pummelling on questions questions questions questions and revising /modifying notes until the 1 or 2nd week of may 1 or 2nd week of May would be the date when I start my practice exams and to go back on any week topics to cover. For Bedtime reading (starting now), Read Ethics from CFA. After done with Ethics, re-read GIPS again on CFA text Let me know what you guys think. Appreciate your thoughts on this.

Formulate an optimized plan. Objective: max score Risk: willingness to take risk. ability to take risk is almost the same for all of us. Constraints: Time Horizon: about 80 days; No tax;… Minimum Acceptable Score=60%,…

Anybody out there with some real input? Thanks in advance!