Thoughts on Obama's budget?

Surprised no one started a thread about this yet. The folks on CNBC have been acting like the apocalypse is upon us.

Im not sure about an apocalyspe, but he and his team are setting some very big changes. I would have to say I do not agree with the majority of the plans. I do not like the Democrats stance on the economy in general. I would like to see fiscal conservative policy, low taxes, less spending, better (not necessarily stricter) regulation. Democrats are going to turn the US into some form of what California is in. Interestingly, the govt. is causing a lot of the volatility in the market. Because no one really knows what the govt is going to do. Bail out BS, but not LEH. Bail out autos or not? Bailout AIG or not? Nationalize BofA & Citi or not. Stimulus packadge or not. TARP or not? Eliminate mark to market? Ban short selling? Remove uptick rule? Bailout of Wachovia depositers but not help out debt holders… Many many more that we probably don’t even hear about. With this much volatility, would you invest your money? Probably not. Why we see so much cash on the sidelines. Govt. will never admit, but it has had a HUGE hand in whats happened recently that stems back over several years even before the Clinton era. I’m tired of hearing Obama and clowns blame everything on Bush and that the Clinton era was SO great and Clinton was the cause of it all! Its such BS, its like 8 years from now we blame the entire recession on Obama. Ridiculous! We know you were handed a turd sandwich. But the response is terrible. I’d say its a crime what they are doing. Every admin does something like this.