Thoughts on progress

Hey guys,

Just wanted to get your feedback. I’ve been getting consistently mid-70 on schweser qbank and CFA mock exams, but have only broken above this range a couple of times (Qbank, which seems to be easier). I was hoping to have a bit of a better mental cushion, i.e. consistently getting high 70s or low 80s, because I’m sure exam anxiety will cause me to choose a few wrong answers just from that fact. The difference between a 70 and a 75 is only 12 questions; which isn’t all that comforting. Just wondering how everyone else is sitting and if there’s any recommendations for the last week of studying.

^ in about the same range… Based on the Schweser avg mock scores, it looks to be the median…

same here, I am stuck in high 60 low 70 range on Schweser Mocks. 3 so far. I felt like the first mock was alot easier than the second and third though. I am hoping that I am getting better but the questions are getting harder thus keeping my grades about level… hopefully…

Going to take the CFAI mock this weekend and hoping for a good score!

Same here. CFA Mocks in high 60 and Qbank high 70 to low 80. Qbank compared to the CFA mocks seems to easy …

Qbank is definitely easier… not weighted the same…

if you are doing Qbank, try going to advanced settings and just use intermediate and difficult questions… That seems to makes my brain hurt a bit more.

Anyone find the Schweser mocks harder than the CFAI mocks?

I was getting high 60s to low 70s, but the last one I took (Exam 3 - afternoon session) gave me around 55 :frowning:

I had actually perfmored best on Exam 3 afternoon session – which part hurt you?

Take that back – that was for Exam 2 - Afternoon session; have yet to take Exam 3

FRA hurt me the most. There were too nitpicky questions regarding differences between IFRS and GAAP.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the Schweser q-bank difficulty? I can’t find it online when I create quizzes, and I haven’t been able to find much on their website.

I got an 82 on the Version A - morning CFA mock exam last night, felt a little bit better. That said, got 6/18 ethics questions wrong, it’s crazy how tricky some of these seem to be. With that said, it seems like if you were to have an area for improvement, ethics is probably one of the better issues to have since it’s purely principles based (although a lot of material.

^ Yes, I didn’t do too well on the ethics part, so I went back to the curriculum and re-read every example thoroughly. (there’s about 6-10 examples for each subsection)